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Appearance and personality[]

Ada is fairly petite, and very young. She is quite quiet, and focused on her work. She is very clever, and a competent scientist and engineer. She is a little awkward and struggles in social situations, and is not a very confident speaker. She is easily flustered, but really knows what she's talking about.



Ada Lovelace defected to America with Nikola Tesla and Charles Babbage, and is likely a separatist.

Season 4[]

When the party encounters her in episode 195, Ada is in London, residing in a compound beneath the pub The One That Got Away while working on a cure for the blue veins. She is working alongside Albert Einstein, Augusta Leigh, Barret Racket, Nikola Tesla, and what is left of Charles Babbage, and probably knows the inner workings of the device better than any of them. She briefs the party on their upcoming mission to Svalbard, and helps to prepare them before they depart.


Historically, Lovelace is the daughter of Lord Byron and Augusta Leigh is her aunt, but this has not yet been confirmed in canon.