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Albert Einstein is head of conjuration at Prague University.



Einstein is outgoing, impulsive, and excessively talkative. He is initially dismissive of people he doesn't know, talking them down and brushing them off, but once he knows people he is very friendly and open with emotions, even confiding in those close to him. He is rather forgetful and scatter-brained, and often tries to hide his forgetting behind bluster. He is always keen on feeling like he belongs and feels respected, and is intensely loyal to those he respects.


Einstein's appearance is assumed to be similar to that of his historical namesake, but exaggerated. He has wiry white hair, and is elderly and small. He is apparently very light, and not very strong or resilient.

Changes in appearance[]

In episode 126, Einstein has switched his wizard's robes for tactical gear, wearing several belts of supplies.



Einstein entered Newton's study about 40 years before the party meet him. After teleporting out of Newton's personal demiplane it all went a bit wrong, he forgot large amounts of spells and generally became very odd.

He remained exceptional at teleportation magic and was eventually made Head of conjuration at the University of Prague. He is the inventor of so-called "Mobile Stones".

Season 2[]

[69 - 78] 

The party meets Einstein when they're searching Kafka's office. He is initially dismissive of the party, but offers them advice and assistance in tracking down Kafka and finding maps of Prague that might help the party disrupt Kafka's ritual.

[79 - 84] 

After Kafka's ritual, Einstein is present when the party is debriefed, but disappears with the other faculty members when the Cult of Mars shows up to arrest them. The party finds him in his office later however, and requests that they teleport them to Cairo. He does so immediately with no warning. 

Season 3[]


The party calls Einstein on their Mobile Stone, and he teleports to them, saying he's been hiding out at the beach and on a glacier. He agrees to send the party to Damascus if they give him holiday recommendations. Azu introduces herself to Einstein, and suggests he visits the Kenyan mountains, where her family is. He then teleports the party to Damascus. 

[114 - 124]

Einstein comes to the party in Damascus from Azu's village to tell them that Azu's brother Emeka has been kidnapped. He then teleports the party to Rome, a blasted wasteland where magic is corrupted. He is very badly hurt in Rome by a teleporting hound, and struggles to stay stable in the harsh environment. His spells fail sometimes due to the corrupted magic, and his memory loss means that when the party comes across the gate spell, he is unable to explain it to them. When the party is transported by Eldarion to the 'Hades plane' to rescue the hostages, Einstein stays behind so he can teleport them back from Rome. 


When what remains of the party returns from the Hades plane with the hostages 18 months later, Einstein has built something of a fortress, provisioned with beds, food, and adventuring supplies. He gives each party member and hostage a mobile stone, and tells them about the blue vein infection that has taken over Europe, Australasia, the Caucasus, and parts of the Middle East.

Season 4[]

[127 - 128]

He teleports the party and the rescued hostages to the al-Tahan mansion in Cairo, which is now a rebel base for those fighting the blue veins. His main skill is teleporting members of the resistance around. He then teleports Azu and Hamid to the inn on Okinoshima in Japan, to meet Wilde.

[152 - 157]

As the party returns from Shoin's institute, Hamid calls his brother Ishaq on a mobile stone, who mentions that Einstein is 'busy'. However a week or so later, Wilde tells the others that Einstein is out of contact at the moment, and that this isn't unusual- it could be bad or mean nothing.

[190 - 196]

Azu calls Zolf on her mobile stone from Other London, but Einstein answers. He says that 'we all' thought they were dead (but does not specify who 'we' is). Hamid says that they're probably alive, and Einstein asks how the others are. Hamid says he doesn't know, and asks Einstein if he's alive too. Einstein says it's complicated, and that he's in the middle of something right now. He asks them is they're 'evil and veiny' yet, and when Hamid asks him the same question, he hangs up.

In episode 196, it is revealed the Einstein is working with the renegade scientists, and that Barret put him in contact with them. He has also spent time scouting out the Svalbard vault, and has some information for the party and renegades about what's inside. He teleports the party to Svalbard, and waits with Wilde and Sumutnyerl in a tower outside the main entrance to the city while the party goes inside.


Einstein is a wizard of level 13 or higher with a specialisation in teleportation. He has cast the following spells:

Additional Notes[]

  • The least obnoxious NPC as of Season 3
  • Fond of Azu's family
  • Learns to cook a good stew while waiting to rendezvous with the L.O.L.O.M.G.


Einstein's historical namesake is pioneering physicist Albert Einstein.


Einstein: "Sometimes you say that’s fine, you feel better, you know?"
RQG 119 - Magic Naps

Einstein: "This is kinda hard for me. You know, ever since Newton’s study, you know, way back when, I’m really really good at em, you know, the teleporting — I’m super good, you know, it’s Einstein, eyy, Einstein, you know! And you know what, Prestidigitation, so good, super, you know, I’ll clean your clothes like anything but… I may have lost quite a lot back when I tried to, to get into Newton’s stuff… em… that’s all I got."
―Einstein explains his limited magical capabilities

Einstein: "It’s not alright, though, is it? I’m gonna be a teacher, you know, and they’re all like asking these questions and I don’t know, so, so I just tell them things about teleporting and then they make me the head of faculty. I mean, for teleporting, thank god! But you know, like, this is, this is — they’re all like, oh, you know I really struggle with, with, with, you know, Detect Magic, and I’m like, it’s fine, just don’t do it!"
―Einstein talks about his struggles after the accident