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Amelia Earhart is the captain of an airship and a Harlequin.



Earhart is friendly and outgoing, with a love of pranks, airship tricks, and large swagger. She's also ruthless towards those she perceives as a threat to her ship or towards the Harlequins, and particularly hates the Meritocrats.

After losing her crew before episode 160, Earhart suffers from depression and alcoholism; she is quiet and subdued, though still attempts to fight people. Her hatred of the Meritocrats bleeds over into a general dislike of dragons and those related to dragons (such as Hamid, and kobolds). She is also a little suspicious of new people and places.

Physical Appearance[]

Earhart is short and very slight for a gnome. She has a Mid-Atlantic accent. When the party meets her in episode 60, she is wearing an ostentatious admiral's hat with pilot goggles, earflaps, and a peacock's tail coming out the back. She also wears gloves covered in luminous jewels. She carries both a rapier and a gun.

In episode 160, Earhart is very underweight and her short haircut has grown out. It appears she’s been injured in the past and she hasn’t done much about it. After some healing, she no longer appears emaciated. She is no longer wearing her captain's outfit or her hat, both of which were heavily damaged.



As a Harlequin, Earhart is well-acquainted with other prominent members of the group. She knows Rakefine, Sasha's great-uncle; Eldarion, Sasha's former tutor (whom she refers to as "a looker"); Feryn, Zolf's brother; and Hirald, Zolf's father.

Despite her connection with the Harlequins, Earhart doesn't like Prague University, which is run by Harlequins, calling its staff "stuck-up prigs." She knows Wilde, and strongly dislikes him because he's a Meritocratic agent.

One of Earhart's crew members was named Elbert, the gnome adoptive father of Kiko. At one point, he died while on tour with her. Because of their history, Earhart trusts Kiko implicitly.

Despite a long history as an airship captain, Earhart has never been a crew member.

Season 2[]

[60 - 64]

Earhart agrees to take the London Rangers to Prague in episode 60, initially for money and later because of Zolf's family's associations with the Harlequins. She denies access to her ship to Wilde upon realizing who he is in episode 61.

Initially, Earhart is suspicious of the party, pulling a gun on Sasha and demanding to know their involvement with the Meritocrats. However, when they see Zolf's ring — a Harlequin ring that he got from his brother, Feryn — they become significantly friendlier to them. She provides the party with a background on the Harlequins. Earhart also recognizes Sasha, presumably through her connection to Rakefine and Eldarion, though Sasha doesn't recognize Earhart.

Two drawings of Amelia Earhart, side-by-side. The first is labelled “pre-dragoning” and she looks confident, wearing a fancy red and gold navy-style uniform and a large admirals hat with feathers. The second is labelled “post-dragoning”. In the second, she has a firm, sad expression and longer hair than the first, and wears a simple shirt and trousers.

Earhart, before and after her encounter with Guivres. Art by @cel-sidebottom on tumblr. Used with permission.

She is very grim-faced indeed as she watches Guivres incinerate Eiffel's Folly as they leave Paris in episode 62. When Bertie throws Harrison Cambell off her airship in episode 63 (which Cambell survives, without Bertie's knowledge), Earhart goads Bertie into climbing down the side of the ship to check that he really fell, and then has her crew throw cooking grease on him as he seeks to climb back up. However, when the feud between Bertie and Zolf escalates in episode 64, and when Bertie's lawyers show up on the ship, Earhart becomes increasingly annoyed, and tells them that Hamid and Bertie aren't welcome on their ship after they land in Prague. However, they still seem to get along with Sasha, who helped out on the airship and laughed at Bertie with her, and with Zolf, given his familial connections to the Harlequins. Her last act towards Bertie is to tell the customs officials that he's an illegal immigrant.

Season 4[]

[159 - 162]

At some point prior to the party arriving in Hiroshima, Earhart's airship is attacked by Guivres. Earhart had insisted on doing one last run against her even as others told her to stop and their first officer threatened to lock her up. However, Earhart persuaded them all to continue on and they got pretty far until suddenly, the sky and her entire crew were alight. She limped the rest of the way on her own, her boat largely destroyed.

Earhart blames themself for the incident, and began drinking heavily and stopped leaving their room at a flop-house; she is extremely malnourished when the party find her in episode 160. Zolf and Azu heal her (and indeed all the occupants of the flop-house) and persuade her to captain their ship to Svalbard; the ship is the carcass of Earhart's original ship that is being repaired by the party. Her ship is repaired in episode 161, and she adds extra spikes, jet-power, and explosives in order to fulfil her secondary objective of killing Guivres if they encounter her. Zolf plans to mutiny if Earhart's hatred of the Meritocrats puts the crew in danger. Additionally, partly due to her mistrust of the kobolds (her vendetta against the Meritocrats having morphed into fantasy racism against any beings with draconic heritage), she hires three extra crew members for the trip in episode 162: Siggif, Friedrich, and Kiko. When the ship takes off, Earhart flies to the capacity of the engines to test them, potentially putting the crew in danger; from this point, Cel is very concerned about their ability to properly captain a ship in her state.

[163 - 173]

During the first three days of the trip in episode 163, they train the crew intensively, since most of them have not flown an airship before. They are initially mistrustful of Hamid's navigational abilities, but eventually accepts that he is more than competent. Earhart also discusses a suspected mutiny with Zolf, who gives advice on how to captain more democratically. Earhart spends a lot of time in her cabin, still struggling to recover. In episode 165, Earhart warns the crew about what they might encounter in the Northern Wastes, and later successfully pilots the ship around the behemoth graveyard. In episode 166, Earhart, taking Zolf's advice, puts it to a vote s to whether they should go through the Aurora Boralis (a particularly high concentration of wild magic), or go around it (which would add weeks to their journey). The crew votes in favour of going through and she assents, despite having voted the other way (due to potentially getting closer to Guivres).

Coloured digital art of Earhart in Tadyka’s body. Tadyka is a kobold with a long tail and small wings. Earhart looks angry. The background is yellow.

Earhart in Tadyka's body. Art by @bag-chips on tumblr. Used with permission.

Wild magic places her in Tadyka's body in episode 168; Sassraa occupies her body. They continue trying to captain, but eventually delegate to Zolf as they struggle with their new (kobold) body. In episode 170, Zolf checks in with her and she's not coping well, staying in bed. She's staring at her kobold hands, and says that she expected to feel different. She is realising what cost the bleed from anti-Meritocratic sentiment into outright draconic racism is having, and goes to find Sassraa (who is in her body, and is struggling with Earhart's alcohol withdrawal symptoms) and has a meaningful conversation with them. In the leadup to the party in episode 171, Earhart is doing much better. She also attends the party, wearing captain's regalia and a stuffed flamingo, a nod to her past flamboyance. She recovers her own body in episode 173, after reassuring Cel about the magi-Faraday cage in episode 172.

[174 - 180]

Earhart remains on the crashing ship in episode 174 and is unharmed. When Sohra turns up to assist them, Earhart is initially suspicious of them in episode 175. They stay with the ship with Zolf during the ascension to the bear in episode 176, and try to convince Zolf that if there's a price to be paid for the resurrections, she will pay it. She half-jokingly suggests that they might fight Guivres with a giant bear — which Zolf shuts down, telling her she can’t become the “bear mayor.” She is a little awkward around the eagle people of the Ursans, and upon learning that the spirit guides will be in no danger, is not longer so keen to volunteer to be one.

In episode 180, Earhart starts introducing the crew to the Ursan Council, but delegates to Zolf. She is left on the bear when the party goes to the Garden of Yerlik.


Earhart is an accomplished pilot and captain; her crew appear extremely loyal and competent. Her ship transports both people and goods (when the party encounters her, she's carrying a load of cheese), and while they do legitimate business, Earhart seeks to avoid being taxed on the goods she carries.

She is quick with both her sword and her gun, and carries a strange ball that can explode into gas.

She seems to have a particular interest in mechanics and engineering; she talks excitedly about the workings of her skyship and keeps a large number of gears and telescopes in her cabin.


  • Earhart is an early riser.