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Apophis is the Meritocrat based in Cairo.

Appearance & personality[]

He is a Brass Dragon with burning orange eyes. He has appeared as a dragon and as a human-like figure. He can change size at will and is open to hearing opinions other than his own.



In Ancient Rome, Meritocrats were held below Rome until they were intentionally released by the Cult of Mars, resulting in a rampage that caused the fall of Rome. Apophis was a juvenile at this time.

About 800 years ago, Apophis had at least one child with a halfling, the ancestor of Hamid al-Tahan and his siblings. This relationships seems to have been kept secret.

Hamid's sister Saira began working for him as she was trying to strike out on her own and avoid the family business of banking.

Season 3[]

Digital art of Apophis in dragon form. He is a brass dragon with fiery eyes that look at the viewer as he curls into himself.

Apophis in dragon form. Art by @Berry05880063 on Twitter. Used with permission.

In episode 95, he confirms he is Hamid's ancestor and the source of his (and Ishaq and Ismail's) draconic powers, but asks Hamid to keep it secret. Apophis grants the LOLOMG the use of the Heart of Aphrodite to bring Sasha back from her undeath.

In episode 109, Apophis glasses Rachet's Factory in Damascus at the request of Wilde.

Season 4[]

He has retreated with the other Meritocrats to an unknown location.