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Aziza is Hamid's oldest sister and an opera singer.

Appearance and Personality[]

As noted in episode 75, Aziza appears almost identical to Hamid, but wearing a dress (as an opera costume). She loves music, as noted in episode 89, and appears to be popular and well-loved.


Aziza is an accomplished soprano who augments her singing by means of bard magic, as seen in episode 76.



Hamid attended a performance of hers in London prior to the beginning of the campaign, as noted in episode 89.

Season 2[]

When the party is in Prague, they attend a performance of Don Giovanni in which Aziza is playing the soprano; she's on a special European tour, and the show is playing in Prague for one week.

Aziza's performance is captivating, both magically and due to her talent, but cut short by Kafka's attack on the opera. Kafka offers Bertie the choice to either sacrifice himself and save Aziza, or to sacrifice Aziza and save himself. Eventually, Bertie chooses to save himself, and Kafka kills them both.

Wilde mentions that Aziza's husband has taken her body back to Cairo in episode 80.

Season 3[]

Aziza is buried in episode 89. The funeral is a large, public affair, and Saira sings during the ceremony.

Season 4[]

In episode 182, Aziza's spirit accompanies Hamid through the Garden of Yerlik, and though she does not speak, she is felt as a wholly benevolent presence. In Episodes 188 - 189, an attack from an evil tentacled creature causes Hamid to encounter a mean and resentful version of Aziza who berates him for letting her die; although this is not the true Aziza, it still gives Hamid the opportunity to say goodbye to her (or something that looks and sounds like her) in person.

 Other Notes[]

  • Aziza's age was mentioned by Bryn on Discord.
  • Aziza's favourite song, which Saira sings at her funeral, appears to be "Nimrod" from Elgar's Enigma Variations.