Azu is an orc Paladin of Aphrodite.



Azu is a very large, kind, strong and tender-hearted orc Paladin of Aphrodite. She can summon her trusty camel (Topaz T. Camel) at will. Azu is extremely friendly, earnest, and fond of giving comforting hugs. Her ultimate goal is to help people, become a better healer, and to one day become the High Priestess of Aphrodite. Her fellow Aphrodite Paladins don't really believe this will ever happen.


Azu is a 6'6" brown skinned orc with kindly eyes, who wears glowing pink armor that can be "turned down" at will. She has a shaven head, and two small tusks. She carries a Great Axe, a Morningstar, and two throwing axes, all of which glow pink.

Changes in Appearance

Broken tusk from the battle with the Lads and Blokes. Described in Disappearing Acts

Eyebrow scar from getting smacked back into consciousness in Disappearing Acts


Hamid Saleh Haroun al Tahan

Sasha Rackett

Grizzop drik acht Amsterdam


  • Armour
  • Great Axe
  • Morningstar
  • Two Throwing Axes
  • Topaz T. Camel
    • Topaz exists on a celestial plane and she can be summoned by Azu at will.
  • Miniature replica of the Heart of Aphrodite worn on a chain beneath her armour.


Azu grew up in the Mountains in Kenya, with a large family

Studied to be a healer in seminary school

She had only been in Cairo for 5 days when she met the L.O.L.O.M.G. in a fierce sandstorm, and decided to join them.

Additional Information

  • Looks up to Eren Fairhands, whom she considers the greatest healer in the world.


Healing (lay on hands) Aura of Good Aura of Courage Aura of Resolve


  • Nobility
  • Religion

Main Ability Scores

Stat Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Hit Points 70
Strength 17
Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save
Base Attack Bonus



Azu's specialty. Art by @stone-stars on tumblr. Used with permission.

  • "You do not pay for anything here, for we are now not only friends, but... adventure colleagues! Quest buddies!" (RQG 85)
  • "It’s about healing, healing all parts of the body and soul and doing good in the world." (88)
  • "You can’t protect people from their own actions. They have to be able to learn from the mistakes that they make." (RQG 94)
  • "Justice means that people get what they deserve." (RQG 94)
  • "Please, Sasha. I don’t want you to die." (RQG 111)
  • "I'm a Paladin of Aphrodite, hearts are what I do." (123)
  • "You know how it was, we began to fall and then… she left… and then I was holding Grizzop, and then Grizzop wasn’t there. And I couldn’t catch him." (126)
  • (To Hamid) "I'm not letting go of you any time soon." (129)
  • (About Hamid) "He’s the only one I’ve got left!" (RQG 134)


Azubuike being her full name is not in-show, canon information yet, but was mentioned by Helen on discord and stored here for spelling reference once it come up in show. Take or leave at your own preference.

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