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Barret Racket is the ruthless head of the Racket Family and Sasha's uncle.



Barret is slimy, ambitious, cold, ruthless, cruel, and uncaring. He enjoys the finer things in life when he can get them, but mainly he enjoys the feeling of having power over people. He is well-educated (likely self-taught) and very good at maths, and uses his skills to his advantage. He is good at connecting and controlling people and making deals.


Barret is described as looking middle aged and a little bit portly. He is well-kept and dresses in plain but expensive clothing. In episode 11, he has a grey beard and a large cloak around his shoulders. His demeanour is very calm and he is wearing very many magical items.

Changes in appearance[]

In episode 106, he has been severely beaten up and stripped of all jewellery except a single ring.



Roughly 30 years before the campaign, Barret made the acquaintance of a an older crime lord who bequeathed a squizzard aide to him. Barret found the squizzard quite useful as he expanded his own territory but in hindsight, he thinks that he may have been psychically influenced by it and not all his ideas were actually his own.

Through the squizzard, Barret also worked with the Cult of Hades. He provided them with people and it was the squizzard that proposed the disappearing of all the children in Other London.

As the leader, Barret forced Sasha to get involved in more and more dangerous crimes for the family. He eventually sent her to live with her great uncle Rakefine in Upper London for a couple of years and made her wear a magic ring, which she removed by cutting off her finger.


At the start of the campaign, Barret rules 6 floors of Other London.

Once The Simulacrum comes into play, the squizzard's advice turns more insistent and they advise Barret to get involved in the situation with the Serpentines after the attack on the auction.

Barret captures the party and lets them go in exchange for Hamid wearing a copper ring through which he can communicate with The Rangers. He provides them with a map to the Serpentines' hideout but claims that he does not personally care for the Simulacrum.

When the party starts their investigation into the Simulacrum, Barret also starts investigating his aide and realises he may had underestimated their power.

Season 3[]


The party does not hear from Barret again until they reach Cairo and he makes contact with Hamid through the ring. He tells Hamid to deliver the ring to his older brother, Saleh.

Saleh eventually reveals that he became beholden to Barret after racking up a substantial gambling debt and Barret offered to wipe the debt if he participated in a bank robbery. Saleh, Howard Carter, and a bank guard who had been paid off were to steal an object from the meritocratic vaults in the Tahan bank but the heist went wrong, the guard was killed, and they were unable to retrieve the item.

Barret instructed him that Hamid would arrive with a ring that Saleh was to wear and obey orders from. Barret claimed that he would arrange a resurrection for the dead guard if Saleh followed orders and if he disobeyed, his entire family would suffer.

Barret makes contact with Hamid through the ring again after Saleh has instead turned himself in. He warns Hamid that he won't be able to run interference for the party anymore but "they" will leave the party alone if he just gives Barret the Heart of Aphrodite. Hamid laughs at him and Barret simply tells him "Have fun with the cult." before cutting the connection.


In episode 106, the Cult of Hades delivers a hogtied and gagged Barret to the party. He has been severely beat up and has a letter on him that simply reads: “Apologies for startling. Here’s a little present, we’ll chat later. Apologies again.”

Barret is initially uncooperative, making it clear that he fears the cult more than the party since the worst the party could do is kill him whereas the cult apparently still holds power over him even after death.

He ultimately agrees to give the party information if they will protect him and details his past involvement with the cult and the squizzards. He also gives Hamid a vial of magic fluid that finally lets him take the ring off.

Barret claims his relationship with the squizzards was mostly fine until the party killed one of them in Cairo. As things escalated he become worth more to them as as a bargaining chip for the party than as an independent player and his aide was the one who incapacitated him. By this point, Barret has also lost most of his territory to the riots in London.

Barret is certain that the cult has infiltrated the Meritocracy, given that he also has several agents within the organisation. He gives Hamid a list of six infiltrators who each have their own cell. The party considers killing him but ultimately decides to hand him over to the Temple of Artemis.

Sasha tells him that she forgives him and that he is not as important as he thinks he is, he is just a man on the floor who is going to be locked up in a boring cell. Barret seems genuinely shaken by this. Hamid and Azu take him to Damascus and have him locked up in the Temple of Artemis.

A day or two later, Grizzop visits him and tells Barret that he is going to kill him if Barret does not give him something useful. Barret gives him nothing and Grizzop takes him to a desolate spot outside the city, ready to kill him. Barret finally offers him the location of the Japanese Simulacrum manufacturing plant and Grizzop agrees not to kill him in the next six months.

Grizzop brings him back to the Artemisian jail and Barret writes down the information for him. It includes a list of names, a couple of addresses, and reveals that Simulacrum chassis are being delivered to the Shoin Institute, located on an island off the west coast of Okinoshima.

Season 4[]

In episode 193, Barret reveals that his people made an unsuccessful attempt at breaking him out of the Artemisian jail. When things started to go wrong as the infection hit Damascus, he had a "rather beneficial meeting" with the Cult of Hades and they broke him out in exchange for his help in fighting the infection.

He claims that his knowledge of Other London, where the infection started, in combination with his technical and mathematical abilities have made him useful. He is working on a solution to the blue veins alongside Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, Augusta Leigh, Nikola Tesla, and what is left of Charles Babbage. He was the one that put Einstein in contact with the renegade scientists, allowing Einstein to act as their teleporter.

He dies offscreen, likely killed by the Mezlan.