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Brutor is a large, slobbery, not terribly bright dog, who accompanies Bertie.

Appearance and Personality[]

Half bull mastiff, half doberman, half postman's leg. Hazel brown with mottled darker patches. [He has also been described, probably jokingly, as a 'pugweiler'.]

When Bertie found him, he had a rough collar with chunks of metal badly tied onto it to look like spikes, and BRUTOR carefully written on it in chalk. Bertie removes this immediately. Bertie has constructed and commissioned a series of cute dog-sized costumes, including a sailor costume, and a judge's costume.

Brutor enjoys Eel Keeesh and belly rubs, is always slobbery, and is fond of licking faces. He is not very bright, but very quickly learns both to not lick the enemy, and to enjoy the finer things in life.


Brutor is very skilled at eating at the table in the company of humans.


Season 1[]

[13 - 23]

He used to belong to a member of the Serpentines (possibly Bob?), but after being charmed by Bertie's sparkling intelligence and personality in episode 13, he now accompanies Bertie, normally in an improvised puppy puppoose.

In episode 15 he is trapped under the rubble of the collapsed church, and is rescued by Bertie in episode 16.

In episode 18 he accidentally knocks over a vase from the Parisian catacombs in the British Museum, releasing some contained skeletons that The Rangers have to deal with.

When the Rangers go to investigate Kew, Brutor is taken down by a swarm of mandrakes in episode 21. He is mistakenly identified as dead by Sasha in episode 22 and his 'corpse' is taken to safety by Bertie. He is later stabilised by Zolf and healed by Bertie in episode 23.

[27 - 35]

In Dover in episode 27, Brutor bites Commander Barnes' hand when Bertie is trying to get him to greet Barnes like a human. Bertie continues to try and socialise him in episodes 28 and 29, giving him an admiral's outfit and a manicure, calling him his son, getting him to sit at a table to eat breakfast with the rest of the Rangers, and getting him to wear a judge's outfit at Zolf's trial.

Brutor accompanies Bertie through the Channel Tunnel in episode 32, although he is rather sceptical about it and guides Bertie out of a tight spot. He comes out the other side covered in mud and water in episode 33, and his fancy outfit gives the Calais guard gender panic.

In episode 35, Brutor discovers his fear of mechanical men (automata), although he is very dignified and tries to hide his misgivings.

[37 - 53]

In episode 37, Bertie (accidentally; was going for a throw) drops Brutor off a roof to his near-death, and Brutor, betrayed, leaves. In episode 47, after Bertie gets Mr. Ceiling to reunite them -through mind-control - and then to explicitly edit Brutor's memories so that he doesn't remember the dropping incident, Brutor is again affectionate toward Bertie. When Mr. Ceiling's memory edits are restored in episode 52, Brutor attempts to rip Bertie's throat out and he is forced into a magical sleep. In episode 53, Hamid gives Brutor to Madeline, a recptionist at the Ordinateurs.

Season 2[]

At the reading out of Bertie 's last will and testament in episode 79, Brutor was revealed to be the designated heir to his former master, taking the name Sir Brutor MacGuffingham.

Season 3[]

In episode 100, In order to properly carry on the terms of the MacGuffingham contract and accept the inheritance, the dog was somehow given humanoid form and the power of speech, possibly through the intervention of the lawyers at Harkness, Harkness, Darkness & Sphinx. Brutor's new form was revealed to Sasha when the lawyers fulfilled her request to be present at the presentation of Bertie's enchanted sword to his heir. A Patreon exclusive miniseries (Pugmire) follows him after this point.

Additional Information[]

First appears in episode 13 Ghost Ambush