Calais has a number of mechanical men and automobiles in the street. There are more mechanical men in the upmarket areas, and the quality of clothing, shops, etc. is higher as well. There's a lot of flashy technology here, and it is much more cosmopolitan than London was. The streets are busier.

Railway station

The station in Calais is very nice, with lots of filigree and golden lacing. There's no one there, but there are all the standard ticketing booths and so on. At the main entrance, there is a staff member standing behind a gate keeping the public out. There are huge vaulted ceilings with frescoes, with gilding edgings, and enormous amounts of mechanical men going about their business. There's a consultation/customs room with a table.

The train to London is proper fancy; in their compartment, there's a small table with a pentagram in the middle, with multiple different buttons to summon food. There's a cabinet with drinks as well.

The Chest

A rundown hotel in Calais, to which the automated cabbie takes Bertie. Inside, there's a desk with a manager sitting behind it.

The Hotel C'est

The most expensive hotel in Calais, and thus the end location of the party's race across the channel. It's an incredibly chic and "hip" hotel, very minimalist and black-and-white. The suite that the party stays at is very nice, with a mini-fridge in the corner. There are four rooms surrounding the central lounge area, which is very flashy. The lamps are run on electricity rather than gas.

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