Cel is a half-elf alchemist.



Very curious and not very wise. Slightly overconfident in their own abilities. Extremely chipper. Not particularly concerned about their own safety, but seeks to keep others safe. Can be extremely gentle with those they're protecting, and generally very kind. Will talk people's ears off.


Jillian Holtzmann mixed with Gambit. Very Steampunk. They have a leather coat, a heavy crossbow, and carry tons of potions. Has one pointy ear, the other is mostly missing. Hair is quite vertical, blonde streaked with silver.


Cel's relationships with the party are very much still in the process of forming, as they are fairly new to the narrative.

Zolf Smith

Hamid Saleh Haroun al Tahan



  • Repeating Crossbow


Cel was born in a small town in America to a merchant-sailor father and an American mother. This town had a few other half-elves in it, though Cel was the oldest. At some point, trade cut off, the defences against megafauna failed, and the town was destroyed. Cel left the town when they were anywhere from 25-30.

Since then, Cel's traveled all over, though Europe has been "a no-go zone" for them their whole life. At some point, they've crossed North America twice (at least once on their own), and then all around internal North America, meeting a wide variety of peoples. They also went down into South America.

They traveled mostly to where there was trouble, spending "a lot of time in warzones" and getting involved with mercenaries, many of whom died or went missing. They've lost friends and family before, finding and leaving homes. They've dated people of a variety of genders and species (though never tobacco chewers), some of which did not end well, and some of which may have ended up dead or missing; they've been married a few times. When they've got involved in battles in the past, they have "quite literally" become a monster and hurt people. They've experienced self-destructive rage that has hurt people around them.

At some point, Cel moved to a small Japanese village, where they run a tea shop/apothecary. They met Shoin at one point, and believed him to have a crush on them, although he thought of them as a minor interference. When Shoin began expanding his control over the island, Cel fought off his mooks, protecting the town. They didn't mount any large offensive against him.

Additional Information

  • Uses Neutral Pronouns
  • Is bad with directions


Languages: English, Japanese, Draconic

Skills: airship crew (1), kobold culture (3)


  • Engineering
  • Nature
  • Nobility

Potions used

Enlarge Person Reduce Person Invisibility (?) Vomit Swarm (139)

Main Ability Scores

Stat Level 8
Hit Points 43
Constitution 10
Charisma 8
Fortitude Save
Reflex Save
Will Save
Base Attack Bonus


Heavy Crossbow


  • "Ok, a lot of the conversations I've had recently have been along the lines of 'give us the stuff'." (RQG 130)
  • "There are very few problems that explosions can not sort!" (RQG 131)
  • "I mean, Europe's been a no-go zone for me my whole life, but yeah." (RQG 131)
  • "You guys don't seem to really understand how physics works. Physics is how you convince elementals to do what you want them to do? Usually by physically beating them up." (RQG 132)
  • "Hey! You understand Dolphin! Sorry I swore so much at you. I was really - I shouldn't have called you those things, but I was just panicking, you know? Just panicking." (RQG 132)
  • "Why though... the little buddies downstairs, they were not bad people, this... this... First this guy, he attacks my village. He attacks the nearby ones, and now he's getting all of these, these, these... people to do stuff that they clearly do not really understand or want to do! I am- I am going to DESTROY him!" (RQG 138)
  • "Guys, so this room is... maybe... so there's this concept I've been cooking around with where there's rooms you have to escape from? I've been thinking of like 'Mechanical no-go room', or 'Get me out of here please this is frustrating', or maybe just like, 'expensive brand tie-in story plot room'." (RQG 140)
  • "Or it could be saying don’t go down there cause it’s dangerous. In which case, we should go down there because dangerous things are the most interesting things. In fact, I sometimes wonder why people have two words for that." (RQG 142)
  • (Translating Shoin's speeches to the party) "Oh, he was just saying ‘Did you enjoy the puzzle’ and ‘Well done’, and ‘That half-elf amongst you is devastatingly attractive and brilliant and everyone should listen to them more’.” (RQG 142)
  • Azu: "Not all of us can have your sunny disposition." / Cel: "It took a while to get there." (RQG 142)
  • (Upon finding themself alone in a dark, flooded room underground.) "Could anyone tell me what’s going on? I just — an innate curiosity, I’ve been accused of this before. Just, uh… it’s been great fun, guys, but I, uh, I, I can’t see. I can’t see for nubbins. Uh… I would offer many nubbins in return for being able to see. It is not fun. I have some things I could do to, to be able to see but I can only do those for a short period of time, and I, y’know — you that thing where, like you have something’s that a limited resource and then you never use it? And you get to the end of a difficult day and it turns out that you should have used it, you should really have used it, but in the end you actually just don’t use it — by the way, is there limited air? I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Folks, if you have not taken your potion of water breathing, I really recommend that you do. I’m just, I’m just trying to get some information, is there — are you guys alive? Little buddies! Folks! Ladies and gents and anyone else, please. Are you alive? Oh no. [Starts waving their hands like they’re doing the breaststroke.] Folks, are you alive? Oh no, what if I’m alone down here… okay, so, so, it’s, so, you’re alone in a dark, underground… like, I wonder, I mean, I wonder if there are any science experiments I could get done while I’m down here…?" (RQG 144)
  • "I've got a small amount of extra life that would be nice? My-my inner vigours are-- I would assume that about like, maybe, 8 to 15% of my vital - like, I-I call them health percentage? It's a proportion of my health. Now, it's a very unique, personal system. Other people may have different health percentages, it really, it depends on other things, including I think one's constitution - also I think, personality and star sign. I haven't quite worked it out." (RQG 145)
  • "That's such a great survival technique! Now, I mean, look. Obviously it's not the healthiest way, but really like, having a bit of a panic afterwards? You know when you have a really busy day and at the end of it you just have a little cry?" (RQG 145)
  • "Where have you been, Mr. Smith? Cause I spent my whole life going through different war zones." (RQG 145)
  • (Reading Shoin’s diary) "So this is just basically, you know, it’s melodramatic trash, I don’t see why anyone would read that kind of thing." (RQG 149)
  • "It's one of the nicest things you can learn about someone, that at a point of stress, confusion, and intense emotion, they continue to be lovely and caring before anything else." (RQG 162)
  • "There are very few things scarier than the passage of time." (RQG 165)
  • "That sounds a lot like the internal area of the northern American continent, which I spent quite a bit of time passing through, and back through, and then down, and then for a while up again but mostly down, and then through the southern continent." (RQG 165)
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