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Cicero is a man whom Sasha and Grizzop encounter in Ancient Rome, whose goal it is to prevent the use of dragons as a defence to Rome.

Appearance & Personality[]

A young-ish (30s) man wearing a toga. He’s prematurely balding and walks with a limp.

Puffs himself up, very talkative, impetuous, driven, can be rude or unthinking. 



Sasha and Grizzop encounter Cicero surreptitiously moving through the empty temple district while Rome is under attack. They decide to see if he can help them but struggle with the language barrier. He is intrigued by Grizzop being a goblin and tries to tell them something about dragons being bad. He brings them to the temple of Mars and looks angry and upset as he shows them a fresco of a dragon burning Rome's enemies. A set of horns sound throughout the city and he goes pale before hurrying off, gesturing for Grizzop and Sasha to follow him.


He leads them closer to the centre of the city and breaks into a potion shop with Sasha's help. He rummages through the shop until he finds potions that will let them understand each other. Cicero takes it in stride when they claim to be from the future and he starts explaining the situation in Rome. Vindex and Galba are leading a rebellion and currently have their forces set up outside the walls. Cicero wants to stop the city from using the dragons as a defence mechanism because he is certain it will eventually backfire on them.

He brings them closer to Nero's palace and explains that he has bribed a guard so that they can reach the dragon holding area through the sewers. They traverse the sewers and reach the underground dragon containment that the cult of Jupiter is in charge of guarding. Before they can make it very far, soldiers from the cult of Mars storm in and start murdering the Jupiter guards.


The cult of Jupiter does incredibly poorly and it quickly turns into a bloodbath. Cicero is shocked and says that it looks like a coup. Grizzop and Sasha fight the Mars soldiers but are eventually overwhelmed. Grizzop is killed just after managing to take out Galba, their captain, and both Sasha and Cicero are beaten and taken prisoner. 

[AR 4]

Cicero is tied up with Sasha and screams at the Mars soldiers not to release the dragons as the containment is opened. They can only watch as a Mars captain fails to control the dragons and Bolla Smok breathes fire on him. All six dragons take to the skies and start destroying Rome. Sasha manages to free both of them but Cicero drops to his knees, spiralling and openly weeping as he witnesses the fall of Rome.

Sasha force feeds him a healing potion and carries him out as he points the way. He mutters to himself and says that it's all Grizzop's fault for killing Galba, who could have controlled the dragons. Sasha threatens to kill him if he ever says that again and he quiets. He is deep in shock as they traverse the sewers but calms over time and starts walking on his own. He follows Sasha's commands and they eventually make it to the outskirts of Rome, where the sewers stop. The destruction is still going on as they emerge above ground but they are able to leave through Rome's shattered wall. As they walk away, Sasha asks Cicero if he has any friends and he says that he might know a place they could go.

20 years later in Sasha's villa, Cicero is quite old and surrounded by children. He is trying to make them listen to him and not being very successful at it.