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Commander Unal Manspray is a garblufian commander, who was imprisoned for the crime of desertion from the military.


He still wears his old commander's uniform, as he believes that taking it off would be accepting defeat. He also has a commander's hat.


Unal is quite up-himself; he is very matter-of-fact and logical. He is incredibly confident, although that confidence may be slightly misplaced as he struggles to gain the respect and control of the other members of the party. He constantly brings up his military service and his station, holding himself in a position above the rest.


He is a good leader and has a mind for tactics

Additional Info[]

Commander Unal had a "long and storied" military career that was ended with his desertion, court martial and subsequent imprisonment. His wife left only a note when she left him, claiming he was boring and married to his job. Unal missed out on a promotion because High Command didn't agree with some of his bolder ideas (such as "dismounted infantry"). In the game, he has a room in the corner of the trunk of the three that runs through the ship.