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Prologue (1-17)[]

In general/recurring warnings: jokes about physical disability (leg amputee) from cast; difficulty pronouncing a character of colour's name; violence and death; kidnapping; police, including arrest and interrogation; a character (Bertie) who is sexist, classist, and racist; implied past childhood emotional abuse & trauma

# Episode Title Warnings
1 Hello! Gambling, stalking, physical violence, blood
2 Bertie! Wellington! Racism (mispronouncing a person of colour's name). Mentions: disease (gout), mental illness (including term 'crazy')
3 The Simulacrum Alcohol consumption/drunkenness, fire, explosions, injury, temporary loss of senses, mass death, mild jokes related to a character's disability
4 Fire and Pianos Mass death, trapped by fire, combat
5 The Naked Arsonist Mass death, trapped by fire, explosions. Mentions: drugs (opium)
6 Gazebos, Sleuthing and Hats Fire (inc. SFX), dead bodies, description of injuries. Mentions: surgery (amputation), burns, police, temporary loss of senses, jokes related to Zolf's move speed
7 Squelch Danger of drowning, raw sewage
8 Londons All the Way Down Implied trauma, police & police station. Mentions: faeces
9 Other London Classism, physical violence. Mentions: poor animal farming practice, drugs
10 Eels and Dogs and Acid, Oh My! Combat, physical violence, graphic description of injury, aggressive dogs/dog attack, harm to animals, acid attack inc. burns, temporary loss of senses. SFX: loud boom
11 The Rackets Combat, kidnapping, implied past child abuse, emotional manipulation, implied trauma, unwanted/unexpected body transformation
12 Keeeeeesh Mild joke about Zolf's prosthetic (Zolf introduced as 'three quarters man, one quarter peg leg'), alcohol consumption, taxidermy
13 Ghost Ambush Physical violence, combat, aggressive dogs, interrogation. Discussion of drowning
14 Knock Knock... Physical violence, combat, minor character death inc. graphic description of injury, vomiting. Mention: temporary loss of senses
15 BOOM! Explosions
16 Collateral Damage Serious injury, scarring (visible), injury to animal
17 Good Cop, Bad Cop, Stabby Cop and Bertie Police interrogation, including threats of violence; physical violence, discussion of capital punishment

Season 1 (18-53)[]

In general/recurring warnings: harm to children; memory manipulation and erasure; unreality; physical and emotional harm to an animal (dog); loss of self; grief; claustrophobia; danger of drowning; violence and death; a character (Bertie) who is sexist, classist, and racist; implied past childhood emotional abuse & trauma

# Episode Title Warnings
18 Gussets and Staves Discussion of past self-mutilation, implied past child abuse, implied trauma
19 Oops! Physical violence, combat, mild harm to animal (dog)
20 I'm Byron! Implied past family conflict, alcohol consumption/drunkenness
21 Garden Party! Animal (lizard) death, animal (dog) endangerment, alcohol consumption, mention of drug use (opium), spiders, blood, implied multiple human(oid) deaths
22 Carry On Swarming Animal (dog) endangerment, graphic description of corpses
23 Hedge Your Bets Animal (dog) endangerment, graphic descriptions of gore, violence and mutation, corpses, tentacle (mention), blood
24 The Root of The Problem Corpses, temporary helplessness, graphic descriptions of corpse mutation
25 A Wilde After-party Extended non-explicit sexual discussion, alcohol consumption, home invasion/ trespass
26 I Predict a Riot! Social unrest, protest turning violent (inc. weapons), scapegoating, physical violence, arrest
27 In The Navy! Smoking, alcohol, drunkenness, the military, graphic description of a skin complaint, arrest & imprisonment
28 Not-So-Hard Time Arrest & imprisonment
29 The Scrimshaw Redemption Imprisonment
30 In Too Deep Drowning; oppressive religious structures, practices and beliefs, public reprimand from an authority figure
31 Water Way to Go... Drowning
32 End of the Line... Drowning, electrocution, endangerment of civilians
33 Bon Voyage! Car accident, drunk driving, coercion/kidnapping of bystander, incorrect usage of 'psychotic'
34 Le Gai Paris! Publication of compromising photo taken without consent
35 The Exposition Box Deception/betrayal by a friend, intense pain, branding, mention: eternal damnation as real possibility
36 Contracts and Calculators Memory manipulation
37 Ups and Downs Animal (dog) endangerment, mild joking about a person being overweight
38 Brutor Is... Animal (dog) endangerment, graphic description of injury, scarring, blood, smoking
39 Sleuths, Smarms and Stations Mention: drowning
B1 The Yeti's Claw Homophobic insults, physical violence/combat, temporary paralysis
B2 Keystone's Key Stone Temporary paralysis inc. manhandling, Mentions: spiders, sexual comments, animal attack, physical violence/combat
B3 Onwards and Upwards! Physical violence/combat, blood, graphic description of injury, Animal (snow leopard) death, mutilation of corpse
B4 Girls, Guardians & Giants
B5 The Tomb of Hannibal Blood, mind control/compulsion, temporary loss of speech, self harm, innuendo
40 Wheels Within Wheels... Alcohol consumption, discussion of death of one's (adult) child, implication of death of children's parent, discussion of mind control/compulsion
41 Chariots and Catacombs Claustrophobia, trapped underground, buried alive
42 Feet of Clay Claustrophobia, trapped underground, buried alive, drowning, suffocation, crushing, graphic description of injury, scarring, loss of limb mobility, medical shock, being hunted
43 Hunted Claustrophobia, underground, darkness, being hunted, tentacles, grotesque creature description, heights, falling. SFX: loud screeches, squelching
44 Rock Bottom Claustrophobia, underground, darkness, being hunted, tentacles, heights, falling, isolation, drowning, body horror, medical horror (inc. jokes). SFX: squelching, loud screeching
45 Mr. Ceiling Jokes relating to amputation (in & out of character), mind control, medical interventions without consent, discussions of memory manipulation. Mentions: drowning
46 Theseus' Ship Implied mass murder (including minors), memory manipulation, implied past child abuse/trauma, mental decay, gore, reanimated corpses inc. replaced body parts, graphic description of murder, euthanasia. Discussions: amputation and mobility, unreality, past harm to a child, loss of personhood. Mentions: smoking (joke)
47 Memories are Made of This Extreme pain, branding, mutilation of corpse, memory manipulation, discussion of past harm to a child, implied past child abuse/trauma, emotional abuse of dog, memory loss. Discussion: skin grafting
48 Ctrl Alt Destroy! Gore
49 Bringing Down the House Unreality, memory manipulation, arguments, grief. SFX: Repeated alarm sound
50 Everything's Fine Unreality, memory manipulation, implied past family conflict, implied past child abuse, grief. Brief discussion: suicide and hopelessness; prosthesis, mobility, restoration of lost limbs
51 Elementary my dear Bertie! Trapped by fire, nudity
52 A Night to Remember Aggressive dogs, animal attack (dog)
53 You're Welcome? Mass panic, police, police station
S1 Mailbag - Part 1 Bloopers: unpleasant mouth noises
S1 Mailbag - Part 2
Season One Recap - Part 1
Season One Recap - Part 2

Season 2 (54-85)[]

# Episode Title Warnings
54 Paris is Burning Mass panic/rioting, social unrest, hostile police, interrogation, kettling of civilians, arguments, emotional crisis, Bertie being ableist (on top of his usual stuff)
55 In Seine in the Membrane Mass panic/rioting, societal collapse, drowning, thalassophobia, emotional crisis, physical violence towards civilians, pain, graphic description of injury, medical intervention without consent, body horror, inappropriate touching, gang violence
56 Trench Coat Capers Prejudice against fantasy races (gnomes), nonconsensual drugging, gagging, physical violence/combat, minor character death, explosions, societal collapse, description of injury (inc. SFX), mutilation
57 Locksmith Lockdown Nonconsensual drugging, very graphic description of mutilation, societal collapse. Hostage situation including violent interrogation, violence towards a helpless character, minor character deaths. Prejudice against fantasy races (gnomes), including conspiracy theories that mirror real-life racist conspiracy theories, and physical violence motivated by fantasy racism. The character deaths are *not* racially motivated.
58 Tanks But No Tanks Minor character death, physical violence/combat, street warfare, trapped/surrounded
59 Run Awaaaaaay! Gore, physical violence/combat, street warfare, trapped/surrounded
60 To the Aeroport! Street warfare
61 Skyships and Harlequins Guns, physical violence, air travel, vomiting, death/grief/family tragedy (discussed)
62 (Sky) Ship in a Bottle Air travel, mass destruction, mass death (implied), blood, graphic description of disease symptoms (scurvy), incorrect use of 'psychopath', chronic/degenerative illness, stalking
63 Harrison Cambell! Air travel, Danger of falling from airship, heights, bullying, stalking, exposure to elements, serious intra-party conflict, guns
64 Swords, Severance, and Sass Air travel, danger of falling from airship, arguments, mind-reading without consent
65 Parting in Prague Alcohol consumption, self-hatred/guilt
66 Loose Ends Dismissive medical professionals, mild ableist joke (mobility), prejudice against fantasy races (gnomes), including conspiracy theories that mirror real-life racist conspiracy theories
67 Ack Zombies! Undead (Western-fantasy zombies), physical violence/combat, mind control, gore, viscera, blood, graphic description of injury, mass panic, SFX: screaming, squelching
68 Funky to Funk Compulsion, physical violence, fantasy racist comment (goblins), undead (Western-fantasy zombies), fire
69 Rag Week Compulsion, blood, implied mental deterioration
70 Quoth the Raven Animal in captivity (crow), discussion of predatory business practices, Mentions: Faeces, mental illness, mental deterioration, death, animal cruelty (bloopers)
71 Secrets and Smithies Attempted psychological torture, mind control (implied). Mentions: Insanity
72 Drama! Injury, discussion of torture, discussion of mind control
73 Phantom Funtimes Compulsion, combat, undead (wraith, Western-fantasy zombies), discussion of STDs, weakening/fatigue. SFX: Screeching, squelching
74 Upstairs Downstairs Undead (Western-fantasy zombies), trapped by fire, explosions, fatigue, blood, vomiting. SFX: fire, squelching
75 The Show Must Go On! Undead (Western-fantasy zombies), rotting flesh, gore, stench, exploding flesh, burns. SFX: squelching, splashing. [Bonus: just so many bowling puns]
76 Hello Prague Mass mind control, undead (Western-fantasy zombies)
77 Hello Kafka! Mass mind control, unwanted/unexpected body transformation, mental decay, undead (Western-fantasy zombies), physical violence/combat, gore. Mentions: parental disappointment
78 Stage Fright Mass mind control, major character death, minor character death, suffocation, unwanted/unexpected body transformation, mental decay, undead (Western-fantasy zombies), physical violence/combat, gore, blood, filth, graphic description of injury. SFX: squelching, splashing
79 Farewell Bertie Discussions of death, unwanted/unexpected body transformation, mental decay, grief
80 What Now Arrest, violent interrogation, prejudice against fantasy races (goblins), abuse of police power, violent hatred (against undead), grief. SFX: screaming
81 Breakfast With Desert Unreality
82 Hostile Work Environment Unreality, Graphic sound effects (injury)
83 Fatal Attraction Violence from a former partner, gaslighting, arguments
84 Dishing the Dirt Unpleasant sound effect (bodily fluids)
85 Proper Hospitality Exposure to elements, manhandling without consent, discussion of grief, discussion of mass suffering, unwanted telepathy
Season 2 Q+A
Recap - The Story So Far

Season 3 (86-126)[]

# Episode Title Warnings
86 Clerical Errors Graphic mention of injury, degenerative/terminal illness, intrusive telepathy
87 Homeward Bound Familial grieving, family conflict
88 Moonshine Misery Alcoholism, alcohol consumption/drunkenness, familial grieving, family conflict, discussions of prejudice against fantasy races (goblins), second-hand embarrassment/awkwardness
89 We Hardly Knew Ye Alcoholism, familial grieving, family conflict, funeral, references to past childhood abuse, gambling addiction
90 Family Matters Alcoholism, familial grieving, family conflict, discussion of gambling addiction, suicidal ideation, references to past childhood abuse
91 Can't We All Just Get Along? Alcohol consumption/drunkenness, self-hatred/guilt, family conflict
92 Bringing Down the House Alcohol consumption/drunkenness, self-hatred/guilt, family conflict, comedic violence, arrest
93 The Curse!!! Alcohol consumption/drunkenness, self-hatred/guilt, family conflict, comedic violence, arguments, discussion of execution, mind alteration
94 Justice Arguments, mind alteration (discussed), arrest
95 Apophis Awaits Discussions of real-world racism, discussions of prejudice against fantasy races (halflings) discussions of past childhood bullying, discussions of mass death
96 Behind Closed Doors Intrusive telepathy, darkness, impalement, blood, paralysis
97 Vaults, Villains and Virtue paralysis, darkness, arrest, motion sickness, vomiting. Mention: drugs (methadone)
98 Hostile Accounting Mention of vomiting, blood, Interreligious conflict
99 Lads and Blokes Physical violence/combat, explosions, implied mass mind control, surrounded, gore.
100 Disappearing Acts Physical violence/combat, injury, permanent injury, scarring (including facial), discussion of mass mind control, mediacl procedure
Pugmire Sidequest 1 (Patreon)
Pugmire Sidequest 2 (Patreon)
Pugmire Sidequest 3 (Patreon)
Pugmire Sidequest 4 (Patreon)
101 Resolutions Fear of child endangerment
102 Look Busy! Mild cruelty to animals (horses)
103 Everybody Out! Alcohol consumption, inter-religious conflict, implied water crisis/drought, resource scarcity
104 Nice to Meat You Meat, aggressive dogs, multiple deaths
105 Surprise! Multiple deaths, aggressive dogs, violence against animals (dogs), animal death (dogs). SFX: multiple dogs barking
106 Special Delivery Multiple deaths, injury, gore, implied torture, violent interrogation, References to child abuse, family conflict. SFX: constant ringing alarm
107 Questions and Answers References to child abuse & child death, family conflict, imprisonment
108 Worker Woes Conflict between fantasy races, crowds
109 Dance Off! Conflict between fantasy races, water shortage, crowds, mass destruction, alcohol consumption, drunkenness
110 Cracking Up Small enclosed spaces; discussion of drowning, drunkenness
111 Waterworks Small enclosed spaces; discussion of poisoning, suffocation, being buried alive, & drowning
112 Water Conundrum Small enclosed spaces, rising water, drowning, arguments,
113 Bug in the Machine Worms/grubs/creepy-crawlies, teeth/biting, parasitism, discussion of industrial accidents. Mention: drowning. SFX: Persistent ringing, squelching/slithering, persistent mechanical noises
114 Snakes and Daggers Physical violence/combat, injury, death, kidnapping (adults & child). Discussion of experiencing fainting. SFX: persistent mechanical noises, squelching
115 Rome is Where the Heart Is Kidnapping (adults & child), hair pulling, graphic description of injury, very hostile elements
116 Hounded Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen)
117 Orcward Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen)
118 Pop Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen), injury, forced insomnia & nightmares (magical)
119 Magic Naps Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen), forced insomnia & nightmares (magical); someone asked to strip for medical purposes; imprisonment, blood. Mention: sex
120 Unlikely Allies Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen); imprisonment
121 Contact Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen)
122 Gatekeeping Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen)
123 Plane and Simple Kidnapping (adults & child, off screen), unreality, mild body horror (body distortion), mental deterioration/ memory loss, mild secondhand embarrassment. SFX: persistent droning
124 Catching Up Descriptions of childhood neglect/abuse, mild body horror (body distortion), kidnapping (adults & child)
125 Don't Let Go Mild body horror (body distortion), kidnapping (adults & child), unreality, discussion of injuries, explosions
126 Interesting Times Prejudice against fantasy races (goblins); discussions of in-world pandemic, time jump/ timeskip
Season 3 Q&A
S3 Recap

Season 4 (AR, 127-203)[]

# Episode Title Warnings
AR1 Ancient Rome Sidequest 1 Fear of/ prejudice against unfamiliar fantasy races (goblins), explosions. Discussions: mass murder. Mentions: fascists
AR2 Ancient Rome Sidequest 2 Prejudice against fantasy races (dragons), raw sewage, imprisonment/slavery (dragons), physical violence/combat, mass death, description of death/murder Discussions: war, Mentions: sex. SFX: clashing weapons, shouting, weapons entering flesh
AR3 Ancient Rome Sidequest 3 Pitched battle, physical violence/combat, mass death, imprisonment/slavery (dragons), corpses, graphic description of injury, self-sacrifice, prejudice against fantasy races (goblins), surrounded. SFX: weapon entering flesh, clashing weapons, shouting
AR4 Ancient Rome Sidequest 4 Character death, self-sacrifice, apocalyptic scenes, natural disasters, mass death, violent prejudice against fantasy races (goblins), graphic descriptions of violence and injury, gore, emotional shutdown. SFX: weapons entering flesh, roaring, shouting, screaming, clashing weapons
127 Welcome Back Natural disaster (sandstorms); discussions of in-world pandemic; nudity, someone asked to strip, discussions of timeskips, grief/loss
128 Tadaima Nonconsensual drugging, alcohol consumption, imprisonment, someone asked to strip, discussions of in-world pandemic, discussions of timeskips, flatulence, implied malnutrition, grief/loss
129 Brave New World Imprisonment; discussions of in-world pandemic, grief/loss
130 Violent Reactions Physical violence/combat, arguments
131 Building Friendships Someone asked to strip
132 Sinking Feeling Small enclosed spaces, drowning
133 Sneaks and Cuddles Nonconsensual drugging (offscreen), injections (offscreen)
134 Onions and Jelly Combat, electrocution, corpses. SFX: squelching
135 Science! Arguments, explosions, acid burning, nonconsensual hypnosis, implied slavery. Mentions: industrial/workplace accidents. SFX: repeated beeping
136 Trouble at the Top Interrogation, implied slavery, incorrect use of 'golem', acid burning, Mentions: violence against workers, timeskip, SFX: repeated beeping, player shouting topping out mics, squelching/glooping, roaring,
137 Lightning Round Mass death, electrocution, incorrect use of 'golem', acid burning, heights, graphic description of death & injury, corpses, . Mentions: paralysis SFX: glooping, injury and pain
138 Lightning Boy and the Kobold Killers Mass death (aftermath), death, eyeballs, surveillance, acid burning, intimidation. SFX: sustained tone, glooping
139 Blobs, Spikes, Spiders & Booms Body horror, spiders, vomiting, impalement, blood, mass death. SFX: glooping
140 How Puzzling Nonconsensual drugging (offscreen), prejudice against fantasy races (kobolds), injections (offscreen), very unequal power balance, eyeballs, surveillance, propaganda
141 All the Way Down Small enclosed spaces, danger of falling, arguments, implied pas drug use, implied mass drowning, corpses
142 Splashing Around Gassing (possibly poisoning), acid burns, gory descriptions of corpses, putrefaction, blood, mannequins moving, discussions of mental health and recovery. SFX: acid hissing
143 Separation Anxiety Danger of suffocation, gory descriptions of corpses, mannequins moving, sustained high-pitched sound effect, animal mutilation
144 Ride the Wave Danger of drowning, panic, enclosed spaces, darkness. SFX: sustained high-pitched note
145 Triggers, Traps and Tubes Panic, darkness, enclosed spaces. SFX: high-pitched beeping
146 Organic Matter Mild body horror, corpses, gore
147 The Dungeon Master Spiders, brains
148 Jumble Sale! Infection, traumatic brain injury
149 The Machinery of Evil Medical abuse, mind control, mental decay, physical deterioration, body modification, self-harm/self-mutilation, battery farming, imprisonment, slavery, trauma, mass abuse, nonconsensual drugging, inhumane conditions
150 Bedrock Misery Murder, violent interrogation, physical violence, gore, prejudice against fantasy races (kobolds), medical abuse, battery farming imprisonment, slavery, trauma, mass abuse
Sidequest! Into the Wilds - Part 1 (Patreon)
Sidequest! Into the Wilds - Part 2 (Patreon)
Sidequest! Into the Wilds - Part 3 (Patreon)
151 Giblets! Murder, gore, physical violence/combat, fire, burning to death, misgendering
152 Decompressing Infection, isolation, contagion, quarantine, mass mortality
153 The Chatter Box Isolation, quarantine, family tragedy, guilt, self-hatred, death (discussed), alcohol consumption/drunkenness
154 Red String and Hive Minds Isolation, quarantine, infection, global pandemic, imprisonment
155 Dinner with Dragons Isolation, quarantine, infection, global pandemic, imprisonment, mass mortality, biological essentialism, arguments
156 In Memoriam Depression, self-hatred, quarantine, character death (discussed), grief, interrogation
157 The Big Picture Infection/pandemic, interrogation, euthanasia, traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairment, quarantine, character death
RR1 Roman Rogues Sidequest 1 Sudden, graphic bodily noise/description (47:05), sibling taunting/arguments, childhood trauma (briefly referenced)
RR2 Roman Rogues Sidequest 2 Suffocation, crying
RR3 Roman Rogues Sidequest 3 Crying, screaming, mild innuendo
158 On the Road Again
159 Hiroshima Discussion of: war, conflict, mass death, an air accident, trauma, emotional crisis and nonlinear recovery, poverty, poor housing conditions. Mentions: aeroplane crashes
160 A Fixer Upper Loud, high-frequency sound effects, guns, trauma, depression, alcoholism, malnutrition, grief, discussion of death, self-recrimination/self-loathing, unhealthy coping mechanisms
161 Terms and Conditions Prejudice against fantasy races (kobolds and dragons), perceived biological essentialism, depression, arguments, recreational drug use, unhealthy coping mechanisms
162 Flying High Recreational drug use
163 Friend or Foe
164 Let's Talk Discussion of global disaster, unwanted romantic interest, second-hand embarrassment/awkwardness, emetophobia (spitting)
165 Hide the Fang Innuendo
166 Smooth Sailing
167 Fun and Games Anxiety/panic attack
168 It's Okay, but it's Complicated... Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping, alcohol consumption
169 Airships and Ground Rules Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping, disorientation
170 Checking In Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping, disorientation/dissociation, innuendo, alcoholism/addition/withdrawal, alcohol consumption, self-loathing, comedic violence, second-hand embarrassment/awkward conversations, prejudice against kobolds (discussed)
171 The Bow Bar Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping, disorientation, innuendo, alcoholism/addition/withdrawal, alcohol consumption
172 Back in the Box! Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping
173 Mixed Blessings Body dysmorphia/dysphoria, mind/body swapping
174 Impact Falling, aircraft failure (including sound effects), graphic injury, character deaths, grief/loss, trauma, guilt
175 Ascension Death/grief (discussed)
176 Last Words (Part 1) Mind-altering substances, death (discussed)
177 Last Words (Part 2) Alcohol, childhood trauma, mind-altering substances, death (discussed), implied suicidal ideation
178 Frost and Fire Mild innuendo, high-pitched noises, metal clanking/scraping, dissociation, grief/loss, death/afterlife (mentioned), food
179 Eat, Drink and Be Merry Mild innuendo, high-pitched noises; metal clanking/scraping mentions of: dissociation, grief/loss, death/afterlife, food
180 Visitation Discussion of in-world pandemic, mild innuendo, discussion of mind-control and hivemind, mentions: quarantine, war, heights
181 Baggage Past trauma and grief. Discussions: faith and religious observances, death, afterlife, ghosts. Mentions: human remains, burial rites
182 The Garden of Yerlik Ghosts, collective auditory hallucinations (including sound effects), past trauma and grief, malevolent intrusive telepathy. Discussions: death and afterlife. Mentions: mild language, pandemic and disease, human remains
183 Strength in Numbers Physical violence, body horror, gore, tentacles (including sound effects). Mentions: existential dread, mind control and compulsion, intrusive emotions, death, mild innuendo. Sound effects: roaring, continuous humming and bells
184 Monster Mash Physical violence, body horror, gore, tentacles (including sound effects), zombies and undead (including sound effects). Mentions: body horror, gore, putrefaction, snakes. Sound effects: roaring, continuous humming and bells
185 Silent Silver Physical violence, poison, petrification & loss of movement. Mentions of: bears, death, suffocation & paralysis, anxiety, mass suffering. SFX: continued bells and humming, shapeshifting
186 For Whom The Bell Tolls Religious desecration, spiritual crisis, heights & vertigo. Discussions of: rituals. Mentions of: mass suffering, petrification, afterlives, fire & burning, rot & sewage, crowds. SFX: continued bells
187 It Tolls For Tree! Physical violence & injury, nausea. Discussions of: existentialism. Mentions of: death, lightning (inc. SFX), fire & burning. (inc. SFX), bears, blades, poison, bombs. SFX: continuous crackling, explosions, roaring
188 Wibble Wobble Argument, grief & loss (inc. loss of sibling), guilt & shaming, emotional abuse. Discussions of: falling, the void & space, existentialism, tunnels & claustrophobia, unreality, death, faith & afterlife. Mentions: cave-ins, human remains, mannequins, self-recrimination, paranoia. SFX: wind, vocalised wobbling sounds, rumbling, bells
189 Reality Check Guilt & shaming, emotional abuse & trauma, grief & loss (inc. loss of a sibling). Discussions: Death, futility, destruction, cave-ins, physical violence. Mentions: Claustrophobia, blood & gore, body horror, the void & space, tentacles. SFX: Roaring, continuous rumbling, screaming, distorted voices, fire, squelching
190 Mind The Gap Injury, memory loss & loss of time, tunnels & underground. Mentions of: falling, the void & space, fire (inc. SFX), drowning, intrusive telepathy. SFX: rumbling, high frequency sounds, water & dripping, repetitive clicking, fire.
191 Friends In Low Places Body horror & undead, tunnels & underground, memory loss. Discussion of: rot & mould, human remains, loss of time, infection. Mentions of: intrusive telepathy, food, death. SFX: repetitive clicking, high pitched sounds, fire
192 Sown Seeds Arguments, memory loss, infection & pandemic, hiveminds. Discussion of: panic attack, food, undead & zombies, apocalypse. Mentions of: death, quarantine, human remains, tentacles, kidnapping, physical violence. SFX: high pitched sound.
193 Cult Classics Taunting & insults (inc. diminution), continued threats of violence/death. Discussions of: pandemic & infection, cults, existential threat. Mentions of: death (inc. mass death) & murder, fire, innuendo, kidnapping. SFX: whispering & echoes.
194 Full Circle Taunting & insults, scopophobia. Discussion of: death (inc. mass death), physical violence, cults, apocalypse & existential threat. Mentions of: bears, explosions, suicide, knives. SFX: continued ticking, clicking, bells.

195 The One That Got Away Taunting & insults, disinfection, hiveminds & mind control. Discussion of: food, microaggressions, fatigue & workaholism. Mentions of: disability & loss of prosthetic limbs, death (inc. mass death), imprisonment, violence, germophobia. SFX: machinery & mechanical sounds throughout, water sounds, electrical buzzing, bubbling.

196 A Brief Catchup Social anxiety, body horror & undead, scopophobia, human remains. Discussions of: death (inc. metaphysical), mind control, weaponry. Mentions of: food, mass suffering. SFX: machinery & mechanical sounds, bubbling, electrical buzzing, clanking.
197 Sounds in the Deep Human remains, body horror, undead & zombies, physical violence. Mentions of: death, hiveminds. SFX: dripping, tinkling, electricity, explosions, metallic scraping, deep percussive sound.
198 Tourist Traps Body horror & undead. Discussions of: human remains. Mentions of: death, ableism, heights, fire, bombs, petrification. SFX: tinkling, intermittent rumbling.
199 Rock and a Thorn Place Undead & zombies, physical violence. Discussions of: human remains, rot & decomposition. Mentions of: death (inc. mass death), body horror, heights & falling. SFX: water sounds, roaring & growling, repeated thudding & smashing.
200 Bossing It Physical violence, zombies. Discussions of: death & injury, human remains. Mentions of: rot, bombs, drowning, electrocution. SFX: continuous water sounds, growling & roaring, rumbling, explosions, electricity, occasional beeps.
201 A Colourful Encounter Human remains, injury & detailed pain, fatigue. Discussions of: fire, migraines. Mentions of: death (inc. mass death), bats, zombies, rot. SFX: water sounds, continuous humming & droning.
202 Nom Nom Nom Injury. Discussions of: migraines. Mentions of: bombs, death, coma, rot. SFX: clanking, wind.
203 Excessively Sneaky Undead & zombies, physical violence. Discussions of: human remains. Mentions of: migraines & fatigue, injury, memory loss, death & dismemberment. SFX: fire, scraping & clanking, continued water sounds, deep percussive sound, roaring & screeching.

Endgame (204-)[]

# Episode Title Warnings
204 Gifts! Threats of violence & death. Discussions of: execution, fatigue & migraine, physical violence. Mentions of: zombies & hivemind, decapitation, body horror, human remains, bombs. SFX: high-pitched tone, bubbling, rustling
205 A Barret Problem Character death. Discussions of: death & mortality, killing, violence. Mentions of: fatigue, explosions, knives, emetophobia. SFX: bubbling, brief beep
206 It's Inside Loss of consciousness, poisoning & drugging, physical violence, body horror. Discussions of: character death, human remains, murder & animal attacks. Mentions of: gore & blood, blades & stabbing, grief, bombs, emetophobia. SFX: bubbling, hissing, brief glitching/distortion sound, static & lightning, high-pitched tones, occasional beeping
207 Hold The Line Character deaths, physical violence & injury, loss of consciousness, poisoning & drugging. Discussions of: death (inc. character death), grief & loss. Mentions of: stabbing & blades, bombs, body horror. SFX: occasional beeping, tinkling & clanking, bubbling, shouting, echoes, squelching, overlapping voices
208 Threshold Physical violence & graphic injury, Grief & loss, Panic & anxiety (inc. compulsive behaviour). Discussions of: death (inc. character death), poisoning & drugging, human remains. Mentions of: fire, spitting, body horror, blades. SFX: bubbling, electricity & static, tinkling & clanking, crackling, explosion, brief beep
209 Shades of Red Underground tunnels & claustrophobia. Discussions of: death & murder (inc. character deaths), classism. Mentions of: memory loss, loss of consciousness, poison & drugging, blades, human remains, bombs, innuendo. SFX: bubbling & tinkling, clanking, crashing, humming, occasional beeping
210 Nuff Said Underground tunnels, being hunted/stalked, undead & skeletons, threats of death & violence, blood & bleeding, violence. Discussions of: classism, non-consensual touch, vampirism. Mentions of: apocalypse, death, fire, freezing, food, animal death. SFX: low drone, dripping, creaking & rattling, hoarse breathing & whispering, fire, occasional beeping
211 The Writer's Tale Blood, skeletons & undead, body horror. Discussions of: physical violence and injury, food, necromancy, death & undeath. Mentions of: freezing, drunkenness, ghosts, murder. SFX: fire, distorted voices, cracking, ongoing static, low drone
212 Final Rest Undead & skeletons, body horror, food & alcohol. Discussions of: death & afterlife. Mentions of: necromancy, nausea, physical injury, mould & rot, distorted realities. SFX: low drone, fire, static & distorted voices, cutlery

213 Be Prepared Undead & skeletons, Body horror, Hivemind. Discussions of: physical violence, self-sacrifice. Mentions of: fire, death, heights, religion, small spaces, falling, knives, blood. SFX: distorted voices & static, fire, wind, distant explosions, low throbbing drone, occasional beeping
214 Guivres Fire, Hivemind, Injury, Building collapse, Discussions of: death (inc. character death), Mentions of: heights & falling, body horror, being trapped/buried, SFX: occasional beeping, wind & rushing air, flapping, explosions, smashing glass, continuous pulsing note, static, screaming & roaring
215 Tower Defence Physical violence & injury, Heights, Fire, Bombs, Hivemind, Discussions of: death (inc. character death), magical transformation, Mentions of: zombies, blood, dismemberment, suicide, SFX: wind & rushing air, wingbeats, rumbling & rattling, clanking, roaring, explosions, building collapse
216 Death from Above Fire, Bombs & explosions, Physical violence, Heights & falling, Vehicular collision, Discussions of: building collapse, Mentions of: death & apocalypse, undead & human remains, blood & gore, suicide, immolation, loss of consciousness, visual distortion, SFX: wind & rushing air, flapping, explosions, rumbling & roaring, distorted screaming & voices, fire, thunder, machinery & metallic scraping, brief beep


Episode Title Warnings
RQG Storyjam! - Part 1 Guns, post-apocalyptic world, tumours, body horror, teratomata, organ harvesting, hearing voices & talking with inanimate objects, bombs, mass murder, industrial accidents, use of terms 'mental' and 'crazy', sunstroke, death from exposure, toxic religion
RQG Storyjam! - Part 2 Guns, nuclear weapons, tumours, street warfare, body horror, bombs, mass death, mass murder, fire, snakes, cannibalism (including of tumours), blood, drug use (morphine, snake venom), trapped underground, toxic religion, death by: poisoning, being burned alive, being run over by a vehicle, weapons, morphine.
RQG Halloween 2015! Character death, blood, injuries, corpses, using body parts, poor habitability of rented property (mould, lack of fire safety etc.), being trapped, real person fiction (players play themselves), reference to animal death (horse)
RQG 2015 Goblin Quest Festive Special! - Part 1 Poor sound quality (including laughter maxing out mics), Character death, comedic violence, food and eating, implied animal cruelty, animal death (dogs), animal blood (mention)
RQG 2015 Goblin Quest Festive Special! - Part 2 Poor sound quality (including laughter maxing out mics), Character death, comedic violence, corpses, dead animals (dogs), blood, blood drinking, animal death (dogs), mention: butchery (dogs), animal cruelty (sort of; horses, goats), disease, explosions, self-sacrifice
RQG Meet the Crew! - Part 1
RQG Meet the Crew! - Part 2
Deadlands Halloween Special 2016 - Part 1 Proselytizing, threat of arrest, bigotry against gender non-conforming men, guns, animal death (horses)
Deadlands Halloween Special 2016 - Part 2 Character death, body horror, darkness, claustrophobia, threat of arrest, bigotry against gender non-conforming men, guns
RQG New Year Special 2517! - Part 1 Dystopian themes, rampant capitalism, smalltalk. Discussion of: self-mutilation & transhumanism, mass murder. Mention of: epilepsy, war, body parts. SFX: Persistent droning
RQG New Year Special 2517! - Part 2 Food, murder, blades, gore and graphic description of injury, being trapped in a building, irreverence with respect to dark themes, death, explosions
RQG New Year Special 2517! - Part 3 Mass murder inc. SFX, trapped in a building, explosions, mass shooting, murder by chainsaw, graphic description of injury and death, blood, being run over by a vehicle
RQG Trail of Cthulhu Part 1 Unreality/distortion/confusion
RQG Trail of Cthulhu Part 2
RQG 2017 - Fiasco Holiday Special Part 1 Emotional manipulation and blackmail, drugs (marijuana), allusions to past trauma, failure, workplace bullying, relationship strife
RQG 2017 - Fiasco Holiday Special Part 2 Anxiety/Panic attack, arguments, emotional manipulation, deliberate misnaming, blades, lethal negligence, character death, death of a loved one, graphic description of injury (inc. SFX), blood, drug use by children (marijuana), self-blame, corruption, bribery, guns, suicide, self-harm, alcoholism, depression, loss of mobility, drink driving, vehicle accident
D&D 5e Special - Thanes of Beowulf - Part 1 Gaslighting, references to animal death (bears), fire, trapped by fire
D&D 5e Special - Thanes of Beowulf - Part 2 Gaslighting, danger of drowning
D&D 5e Special - Thanes of Beowulf - Part 3 Danger of drowning, Gaslighting, references to animal death (bears), Child death, parental death, mass murder.
Goblin Quest Live (Patreon)
Jason Statham's Big Vacation - part 1
Jason Statham's Big Vacation - part 2
Spire Special - part 1 Body horror (bees in body), drugs, drug addiction, conscription, violent oppression, classism and fantasy racism
Spire Special - Part 2 Body horror (bees and moths in body, ectoplasm), drug use, alcohol, humiliation and secondhand embarrassment, implied sex, self-mutilation
Spire Special - Part 3 Body horror (bees and moths in body, ectoplasm), Implied sex, bees, physical violence, blood, forced combat to the death, guns and swords, being shot, threats
Spire Special - Part 4 Character death, body horror (bees and moths in body, ectoplasm, teeth falling out), nihilism, terrorism and mass murder, physical violence, grief, corpses
RQG Broken Worlds Special - Part 1
RQG Broken Worlds Special - Part 2
RQG Broken Worlds Special - Part 3
RQG Broken Worlds Special - Part 4
RQG Honey Heist Holiday Special - Part 1
RQG Honey Heist Holiday Special - Part 2
RQG Monster of the Week Special - Part 0
RQG Monster of the Week Special - Part 1
RQG Monster of the Week Special - Part 2
RQG Monster of the Week Special - Part 3 Character deaths
RQG Not Far to Bermuda Special - Part 1 Thalassophobia, cliques and politics, being trapped, dwindling supplies, alcohol consumption, smoking (vaping), romantic tension, innuendo, rejection. Mention of: drugs (marajuana, cocaine, heroin), addiction, alcohol as a coping mechanism.
RQG Not Far to Bermuda Special - Part 2 Thalassophobia, cheating on a partner, innuendo, partial nudity, abuse of a relative, elderly person being deliberately injured, hints of past trauma
RQG Not Far to Bermuda Special - Part 3 Manipulative flirting, comedic violence, discussion of poisoning and choking, poisoning, swallowing acid, nonconsensual nudity, mass nudity, trapped in a pit, alcohol
RQG Space Pals Special - Part 1 Innuendo, insults, shunning. Mentions of: imprisonment, blood, spiders
RQG Space Pals Special - Part 2 Innuendo, References to sex, vehicle crash, weapons, attempted murder, religious fundamentalism
RQG Apocalypse World Halloween Special Part 1 Guns, post-apocalyptic world
RQG Apocalypse World Halloween Special Part 2 Gore, blood, discussion of cannibalism, innuendo, injury, giant insectoids
RQG Apocalypse World Halloween Special Part 3 Innuendo, giant insects, injury, gore (including insect gore), death, guns, misusing and losing someone else's mobility aid
RQG Sexy Battle Wizards Holiday Special - Part 1 Innuendo
RQG Sexy Battle Wizards Holiday Special - Part 2 Comic blasphemy, innuendo
RQG Sexy Battle Wizards Holiday Special - Part 3 Comic blasphemy, family conflict, innuendo
RQG 4Thought Special - Part 1 Intrusive telepathy, imprisonment, arguments, loss of control over own body (consensual and nonconsensual), magical slow dying (inc. symptoms), physical violence/combat, injury, auditory hallucination, mind control. Mentions: faeces, capital punishment/execution
RQG 4Thought Special - Part 2 Slowly dying, loss of control over own body, arguments and insults, discussion of faeces and diahorrea, auditory hallucination, mind control. Mentions: exhumation and experimentation on corpses
RQG 4Thought Special - Part 3 Auditory hallucination, mind control, slowly dying, loss of control of body, arguments. Discussion of: desecration of a tomb, self-sacrifice. Mention of: suicide, natural disaster (tsunami) and mass death. SFX: high frequency sound effects
RQG 4Thought Special - Part 4 Auditory hallucination, mind control, arguments, loss of control over own body, murder (stabbing), death, physical violence/combat, poisoning, nudity, temporary loss of vision
RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 1 Innuendo/sexual references, spiders, mild body horror
RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 2 Innuendo/sexual references, spiders, mild body horror, gun violence (& sound effects), blood/gore
RQG/STL Halloween Crossover Special 2020 - Part 3 Innuendo/sexual references, spiders, mild body horror, gun violence (& sound effects), blood/gore, character death, anxiety/panic attack (mentioned)
RQG Bite Marks Holiday Special - Part 1 Manipulation (discussed), death (discussed), age-related mental deterioration (discussed)
RQG Bite Marks Holiday Special - Part 2 Body transformation (inc. SFX), dogs/wolves (inc. SFX), mental deterioration (age-related) & instances of memory loss, manipulation; mentions: injury, existential crisis, death and dead bodies, violence, kidnapping
RQG Bite Marks Holiday Special - Part 3 Body transformation (inc. SFX), dogs/wolves (inc. SFX), mental deterioration (age-related) & instances of memory loss, manipulation, animal attack (inc. SFX), high pitched SFX; mentions: injury, death, kidnapping, blood, brief ableism/ageism
RQG/RQ Streams Crossover - What Is Here? Part 1 Contamination/hazardous accident, workplace bullying, smoking/vaping (inc. SFX), nightmares; SFX: high pitched beeps & static; mentions of: accidental death, loss, murder, social anxiety, claustrophobia
RQG/RQ Streams Crossover - What Is Here? Part 2 Cults, workplace hostility, physical violence, panic (inc. SFX), claustrophobia, smoking/vaping (inc. SFX); mentions of: invasive thoughts, death, riots, cave ins, children in peril
RQG Root Special- BenQuest Part 1 Gambling; Discussions of: food, weapons, death & violence; Mentions of: kleptomania, innuendo; SFX: occasional beeping, continuous background chatter & clattering
RQG Root Special- BenQuest Part 2 Arguments & family conflict, threats of violence. Discussions of: unhealthy parenting. Mentions of: death, weapons, alcohol & smoking, blood. SFX: background chattering & shouting, continued water sounds, bees
RQG Root Special- BenQuest Part 3 Animal attack & animal death, Physical violence & injury, Mobs. Discussions of: unhealthy parenting & family conflict. Mentions of: blood, weapons, fire, death, threats of violence, food. SFX: rain, growling, background shouting

RQG The Quiet Year Halloween Special Part 1 Innuendo. Discussions of: food & scarcity, war. Mentions of: violence, bats, natural disasters, spiders, death. SFX: wind & storms, rumbling, bird calls & chittering, water, bubbling, fire, construction

Metacasts & Misc.[]

Episode Title Warnings
Metacast 0: Character Creation
Metacast 2: Starting a Campaign
Metacast 3: Leveling Up!
Metacast 4: Going Rogue
Metacast 5: Fun with Magic
Metacast 6: Change is Good
Metacast 7: Longplay Brief mention of implied suicide
Metacast 8: Sensitivity in Gaming
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