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The Cult of Aphrodite is a religious group that worships the goddess of love.

Culture & Function[]

Very friendly, empathic and caring. Excellent healers especially if it is a complex case. Bright pink robes.

Temples of Aphrodite tend to be large and grandiose; they have a lot of decorative cornicing, chandeliers and curves. They are typically set up as hospitals. The temple in Cairo has a large mural in the foyer of Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' (Aphrodite). The temple in Hiroshima is more corporate and "blank" than typical temples, but is nonetheless is a hospital. There is a space to light candles in memory or care for loved ones.

Following the time skip, the Cult of Aphrodite has been doing humanitarian work, such as relocating civilians, giving out provisions, and maintaining their temple-hospitals. Although they provide medical aid on the warfront, they're more present on the civilian side relative to other cults.

Relationship with other cults[]

Other cults, particularly the Cult of Artemis, seem to regard them as somewhat "soft" and unhelpful. While Azu maintains that following Aphrodite is about "healing all parts of the body and soul and doing good in the world," Grizzop testily asks if the Cult is for people who like kissing.

They get along well with the Cult of Apollo, according to Azu and Edward Keystone. Like most people, they don't like the Cult of Mars.

Heart of Aphrodite[]

The cult's sacred artefact of healing is the Heart of Aphrodite. It can raise people from the dead and heal any illness with no negative consequences.

The Heart is a huge ruby that almost looks perfectly smooth from how finely it’s been chipped. It is held in a rose gold clam that can be opened or shut.

To use the Heart, it is placed around the neck of the person who is to be healed; presumably, it is on a chain. When the divine healer casts a healing spell on the person, the Heart emits a bright pink glow and thrums rhythmically.

The Heart is currently being held by the Meritocrats due to its immense power, much to the dismay of the Cult, who would like to use it to heal people. It is being held in the central al-Tahan branch in Cairo. It is stored in a darkened room with a pedestal in the middle, with a pink glow coming from it as it sits in a pillar of light. The heart is later transported in an anti-magic rosewood box with velvet pillows.

Eren Fairhands uses the Heart in Episode 100 to heal Sasha.

Tenets of Aphrodite[]

  • Love comes before all other virtues.
  • Do not harm more than necessary.
  • Heal the sick. Assist the needy. Mend the weak.
  • Justice and mercy are not opposites.
  • Indifference is worse than hatred.
  • Do not confuse love for weakness.