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The Cult of Artemis is a religious group that worships the goddess of the hunt and the moon.

Culture & function[]

This cult is practical and outdoorsy. Its members tend to be no-nonsense, straightforward, and permanently "plussed."

Temples of Artemis provide healing to those who require it, though don't seem to be as interested in taking on complex illnesses as the Cult of Aphrodite, and, given Sasha's experience in episode 66, their bedside manner tends to be rather rough.

The cult seems to also work as bounty hunters and peace-keepers; Grizzop was asked to search for Franz Kafka by his supervisor within the cult, and the temple in Damascus has cells for prisoners, including a drunk tank.

Temples of Artemis tend to be very functional and defensible; they often have arrow slits. Sasha visits the temple in the City of Prague in episode 66 to receive healing, and Grizzop appears to work out of that temple under the supervision of Captain Eva van Dijk (name referenced in episode 81.) Azu, Hamid, and Grizzop visit the temple in Damascus several times during their time in the city. The temple in Damascus also provides healing and safety to Wilde when he is being cursed. Elana works as a guard at that temple, and Giffis works as a cleric.

Relationships with other cults[]

Grizzop, at the very least, seems somewhat judgmental towards other religious cults. He refers to a member of the Cult of Dionysus as "party boy" and asks Azu whether she joined the Cult of Aphrodite because she liked kissing. However, Eva, Grizzop's mentor, refers Sasha to the Cult of Aphrodite for more in-depth healing.

Grizzop also hates the Cult of Mars, particularly after they refer to him as a creature when seizing control of the University of Prague.

Tenets of Artemis[]

  • Nurture the weak, so that they may become strong.
  • Respect the predator, so that you will be victorious against them.
  • Remember the slight, so that you may pay it back in kind.
  • Protect the wild, so that it can protect you.
  • Rejoice in life, so that you do not waste a precious and fragile thing.
  • Guard the pack, so that you will succeed together.
  • Savour the hunt, so that you do not lose your edge.
  • Destroy the undead, so that they do not sap the life from the world. 


It's a large forest; the plants and animals are strange, but it’s incredibly new and lush. It's actually nighttime, and the moon is shining overhead. It’s a completely untouched wilderness, with huge mountains off in the distance. A forest stretches out before becoming plains, and then birds startle from trees as an enormous creature begins moving around in the forest. The stars above are completely unfamiliar, 10x as many as in the real world, and a streak of green through what would be the milky way.