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Black cowled figures, often "squizzards."

As explained in episode 107, the Cult of Hades came to Caesar and offered him the chance to defeat all his enemies, and thus brought the monsters upon Rome, pushing Rome into true evil. People believe that there hasn’t been a Cult of Hades since then — the Meritocrats abolished them.

However, Barret reveals that he's been working with the Cult of Hades ever since an older crime lord bequeathed him the aid of the squizzard about 30 years ago. He presumes they want world domination, as they always have. They originally “proposed the disappearing” of the children in Other London, including Brock. After the simulacrum appeared, their advice became more insistent, and they suggested that Barret contact the London Rangers in the first place, with regards to the Serpentines. The Cult of Hades sought the Heart of Aphrodite in Cairo, for unknown reasons. After the LOLOMG defeated the Cult of Hades in Cairo, the Cult of Hades kidnapped Barret and offered him to the LOLOMG. When the party still wouldn't cooperate with them, the Cult kidnapped the party's loved ones and held them in Rome, where they attempted to create a Gate spell.

The Cult of Hades appears to be working with a man bearing a family resemblance to Wellington, who wears a Panama hat. They have infiltrated the Meritocrats. 

Cult of Pluto seen in Ancient Rome.