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Plot Summary[]

Join Alex, Lydia, Bryn, Ben and special guest Helen Gould as they give Beowulf some well deserved backup. They help Beowulf on his quest to slay the monster, Grendel. After Beowulf and Grendel's initial fight, in which the thegns definitely helped, they track Beowulf and Grendel through a forest and into a lake... and into a lakebed.

All their brave deeds will be remembered, of course...

Character Summary[]

Ulf the Unremembered[]

Wait, who?

Larg, son of Thorg[]

Larg, son of Thorg is a barbarian that likes to kill bears and wears a bearskin cloak.

Billinger the Gilded[]

Billinger is a barbarian that really likes shiny items and earned his thegnship by travelling to Constantinople.

Ungrak the Collector[]

Ungrak is a barbarian that collects bones. Animal, human, he doesn't care. Are you using that collarbone?





Helen appeared on this special as a guest, as it was effectively their audition for joining the RQG cast as Azu!