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Deraldio Pilchards is of the Hybunk race, and was imprisoned for digging trap pits (as he was a bandit).


He is described as "squat, square, and cross," and has been called a trap-door spider before. He has a two foot long tongue. He lost one of his six legs when it caught in a knothole while he was running through the forest, and the loss of the other is unknown, leaving him with four. He has an "idiosyncratic" fashion sense, as he usually just throws on whatever clothes he's stolen that don't immediately rot off. He carries around a surprisingly large number of machetes.


Deraldio has an incredibly dry sense of humor, and doesn't take most things seriously unless they involve his pit. He is incredibly sarcastic and likes when things go his way. He has a grudge against Commander Unal Manspray, as Unal and his troop attacked Deraldio and his people years ago.


He is stealthy and good at setting traps, as shown in his history of being a bandit and stealing Unal's mints.

Additional Info[]

Deraldio is described as having a "wealth of experience", and has killed people in many different ways (although he only wanted to kill one of them). Deraldio is addicted to what he calls "fun crystals." He stays in the bottom of the ship, because it feels similar to the pits he used to dig.