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A Human Paladin of Apollo

Appearance and personality[]

He is described as 'Chris Hemsworth but more', 'astonishingly attractive', and 'an Adonis'. He is very strong. He isn't the most intelligent, but he is on a mission to do good in the world, vanquish evil, and worship Apollo. He is kind to people and animals, resilient, quick to befriend, and a little impetuous.


Season 1[]

[Bertie's sidequest]

Edward meets Bertie and Tjelvar when he attempts to stop a bar brawl between Bertie and a barbarian. Following this, he is invited to join them by Bertie, who is rather taken with his good looks, and then recognises him as one of the younger sons of the Duke of York (Edward does not like to talk about his family). Tjelvar recognises his pendant as a relic of Richard Plantagenet, who had also been searching for the Tomb of Hannibal – and finds information regarding a starting point for their quest scratched into the back of it. Friedrich, Edward’s cleric handler, agrees to let him accompany them, reluctantly, as they are on an important pilgrimage.

While searching for the tomb, the group are attacked by a leopard – Edward attempts to fight it dealing non-lethal damage, as it is not evil, and then heals it. Bertie kills it as it attacks him, and Edward stomps off when he treats its dismembered head as a puppet, having to be called back by Tjelvar.

After Bertie’s attempt to get help from Artemis fails, Edward prays to Apollo for guidance, and feels warmer. Tjelvar offers him a healing potion, as he is looking rather the worse for wear and leaving a trail of blood, whereupon Edward heals himself. The following morning, Edward sees a shaft of sunlight on the hillside, and goes to pray there, though he does not think anything of it until Tjelvar clears away the snow to reveal worked stone – Edward then does much of the digging required to reveal Hannibal’s tomb.

Edward is the first to enter the Heracles task vision, but fails to steal the belt of the Queen of the Amazons, and is stuck outside the tomb. He attempts to break through the door with his morningstar, severely damaging the frieze. Eventually the door opens, likely coincidentally, and Bertie calls him through to heal Tjelvar.

Bertie and Tjelvar task Edward with taking the Circlet of Command to Trinity College Cambridge, as he is unimpeachable, and they return to Albertville, with Edward cautioning Bertie against the path he is on leading him to evil. However, Friedrich refuses to allow their pilgrimage to be delayed any further, as visiting Italy to see the damage that evil can do is an important part of Edward’s religious education, and though they both swear an oath to see the Circlet to Cambridge after Italy, Tjelvar ends up taking it.    

Season 3[]

[119 - 126]

In episode 119, the party meets Edward in Rome, whilst trying to saved their loved ones from the Cult of Hades. Edward is "so lost" after wandering away from Friedrich during his pilgrimage to Rome. Hamid takes Ed back to the rest of the party and he joins them on their quest. In episode 121, he charges into the failed gate spell in Rome and becomes trapped in Hades' plane, and in episode 125 he is rescued by the party along with the hostages. Ed needing to be rescued means that there are too many people for Eldarion to bring back at once, and may be why she chose to sacrifice herself.

Season 4[]

[126 - 127]

Ed returns to Rome with the party in episode 126. When he returns to Cairo with Hamid and the other hostages in episode 127, Ed is placed under a week-long quarantine due to everyone's fears over the blue veins infection, particularly as he is unknown to everyone in Cairo except the party.


According to Ishaq in episode 152, Ed stayed with the al-Tahan family and has gone with them to their country home further inland; the twins and Ed have been taking care of each other.


In episode 192, Hamid calls Ishaq on the mobile stone, who confirms that the family has moved to the safety of 'the middle of nowhere'. Ishaq says that Ed says Hi, and Hamid says hi back. Ishaq says that it's mostly just been the family and Ed in their safehouse, who looks after them.


Class Features[]

  • Detect Evil: Ed can use detect evil as a move action, concentrating on a single item or individual within 60 feet to determine if it is evil.
  • Divine Grace: Ed adds his charisma bonus to all saving throws.
  • Lay on Hands: Ed can heal a creature by laying hands on it. Each day he can use this ability for a number of times equal to 1/2 his paladin level plus his Charisma modifier. The healing is 1d6 for every two paladin levels he possesses. Laying on hands is a standard action, unless he targets himself, in which case it is a swift action. Alternatively, he can use this to damage undead, instead dealing 1d6 points of damage for every two levels he possesses.


  • Word of Healing: Ed can use lay on hands at a range of 30 feet. The target only heals half the rolled amount but gains the benefits of mercies as normal.
  • Reward of Life: When healing another creature with lay on hands, Ed also heals himself for a number of hit points equal to his charisma bonus. This does not apply when attempting to damage undead creatures.
    [Editor's note: In Bertie's sidequest, Alex uses this to heal Ed for his Charisma score rather than Charisma bonus.]
  • Improved Lay on Hands: When healing a creature with lay on hands, roll d8s instead of d6s. This does not apply when attempting to damage undead creatures.


  • Cold weather gear: +4 on fortitude saves against cold weather.
  • Breastplate with the symbol of Apollo
  • Morningstar +1
  • Pendant with the crest of Richard Plantagenet.

Ability Scores[]

Stat Level 3
Hit Points
Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Wisdom 8
Charisma 18
Fortitude Save 8
Reflex Save 6
Will Save 6
Initiative 1
Base Attack Bonus +3


Tjelvar: "The frieze!! On the door!"
Edward: "Yeah, it's dead cold."
―Bertie Sidequest[src]

"It seems to me that what everyone needs right now is someone of unpeachable honor, and otherwise complete honesty."
Bertie Sidequest[src]
"It is my job to uh, spot this kind of thing. You’re treading a very fine line, Sir Bertrand. Let’s just say... that I might not be the sharpest tool but I certainly can spot a good’un and a bad’un, and you sir, are treading very perilously close to being a bad’un. Should you become a bad’un, you become my problem, and let me assure you, you won’t be my problem for long. So in the nicest way possible, I would be careful about the choices that you are making, Sir Bertrand."
Bertie Sidequest[src]
"You! Evildoer! I will find you and I will vanquish you! I have traveled a thousand leagues and I will travel a thousand more before I am vanquished by the likes of you! Have at thee and die fool! (To Hamid) Oh, hello."
Episode 119[src]
"I think I broke Apollo."
Episode 120[src]
"I ate a frog, Hamid!"
Episode 120[src]
"Oh! This is important. I don’t know a lot, but I do know this: We definitely need to do the hand thing. Otherwise it’s not gonna work."
Episode 120[src]
"Oh, no, you can’t lie, that’s evil, that is. Lying’s bad....No, no, no, you see, I covered this, I covered this, right? Thing is, is you can’t do bad things for good reasons, cause when you do that the good reasons end up being bad things, yeah."
Episode 121[src]