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Eldarion is the Head of Illusion at the University of Prague. She hasn't been seen in Prague for quite some time.

Appearance and personality[]

Eldarion is a tall, space-warpingly beautiful, elf who dresses too fancy for her own good, including heels and several bangles. She speaks in “flawless received pronunciation.” Her demeanour is condescending and self-righteous, which doesn't endear her to other people (she is especially bad with children and teens), but underneath she does care.



Eldarion was Sasha's tutor for a couple of years, much to Sasha's disgust. She was hired by Rakefine and is a Harlequin. She claims to have spent a couple of years trying to find out if Sasha is safe from Barret.

Has some sort of history with Marie Curie and also knows Einstein.

Season 3[]

Eldarion has learned that Sasha may be undead and has has been looking for her for more than a month, tracking her across the globe.

In episode 122, Eldarion is brought into contact with Grizzop by the People’s Front of Damascus, who they both share an open disdain for.

In episode 123, she says that she will take Grizzop to Rome if he answers some questions first and she reveals that she used to be Sasha's tutor. She asks how Grizzop knows Sasha and has him prove that he is a paladin. They butt heads for a bit but she eventually agrees to bring him to Rome.

She casts plane shift, takes Grizzop's hand, and steps out of the world. She advises him to keep his eyes closed as they carefully take steps in sync with each other, planeswalking to Rome. Grizzop is slightly out of sync on one step but she pulls him up and eventually ends up carrying him when he is overwhelmed. As they arrive, she collapses from the strain but is soon able to carry on again. They attempt to sneak toward the centre of Rome but Eldarion is ill suited to stealthy traversal as she is tall, wearing heels, and a lot of glinting jewellery. They end up pursued by teleporting hounds creatures and start running toward the centre.

In episode 124, the rest of the party saves them from the hounds and Eldarion is relieved to have finally found Sasha and and to learn that she is no longer undead. She claims that she is there to save her and the party immediately dislikes how patronising she is toward Sasha. Sasha shouts at Eldarion for lecturing her when she’s trying to save the world, telling her that she doesn’t get to talk to her like that anymore. The situation is tense but eventually everyone decides to just cooperate and focus on the task at hand.

Eldarion investigates the broken gate spell with Hamid and figures out that time is moving slower in the plane on the other side. She can bring people in and out of it but won’t be able to mitigate the time dilation.

In episode 125, Eldarion planar shifts the party into the plane with the hostages. She attempts to cast prestidigitation to leave a mark on the ground and discovers that they won't be able to use arcane magic there as a pit opens up where she cast the spell. Once they have freed all of the hostages, she has everyone join hands in a circle and screams with effort as she casts plane shift again. As she the spell is complete, she steps back from the circle and joins the hands of Azu and Grizzop, who she was standing between. A massive pit opens under her and as she falls into it, she is both crying and smiling as she stares at Sasha. 


Eldarion is a wizard of level 13 or higher with a specialisation in illusion magic. She has the following spells:

  • Detect magic, to inspect the magic on Grizzop's arrow in episode 123.
  • Plane shift, to bring Grizzop to Rome and to bring the party in and out of the Hades plane.
  • Unknown spell, not cast. In episode 124 she assures the party that she is perfectly capable of exploding things and Einstein claims to have seen her blow up a cart.
  • Unknown spell, not cast. In episode 124 she tells the party not to panic if she turns into something. Possibly an illusion or transmutation spell.
  • Prestidigitation, to leave a mark on the ground in episode 125.