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Emeka is Azu's older brother.

Appearance and personality[]

Emeka is a brown-skinned orc from a farming community in the Kenyan mountains. He is tall and very strong. He is protective of his sister Azu, but understands her need to leave in order to pursue her calling- he, too, like to be in the thick of things.


Season 3[]

[114 - 125]

He is kidnapped by the Cult of Hades in episode 114, who threaten to kill him if the LOLOMG fail to cooperate. Azu and the party manage to rescue him in episode 125, and when they find him he has already managed to break through the bonds the kidnappers had tied him with.

Season 4[]


When Emeka returns to Cairo with the other hostages in episode 127, he is placed under a week long quarantine due to everyone's fears over the blue veins infection.


According to Ishaq in episode 152, Emeka and Vesseek went off together after the quarantine, and were talking about helping out in Cairo. 


In episode 192, Ishaq informs Hamid that Emeka and Vesseek made it out of Cairo when it fell; Azu says he's probably in the thick of things, and struggles to cope with her worry for him for a moment.