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Chronological Timeline[]

The episode timeline (below) records the party's experience of time passing, rather than how time passes on the material plane. For a timeline of all events mentioned in the campaign, recorded in chronological order as they passed in the material plane, please see this fan-created chart (contains spoilers up to and including season 4.)

Prologue and Season One[]

Day Episode(s) Summary

1. Hello!

2. Bertie! Wellington!

3. The Simulacrum

4. Fire and Pianos

5. The Naked Arsonist

6. Gazebos, Sleuthing and Hats

7. Squelch

8. Londons All the Way Down

The party meet, attend Edison's presentation, rescue some diplomats, and search the sewers.

9. Other London

10. Eels and Dogs and Acid, Oh My!

11. The Rackets

12. Keeeeeesh

The party goes to Other London, get captured by Barret Racket (who gives them a ring), and invent quiche.

12. Keeeeeesh

13. Ghost Ambush

14. Knock Knock...

15. BOOM!

16. Collateral Damage

17. Good Cop, Bad Cop, Stabby Cop and Bertie

The party raid the bomber's compound, adopt Brutor, discover the notebook, and deliver Guy to the police.

17. Good Cop, Bad Cop, Stabby Cop and Bertie

18. Gussets and Staves

19. Oops!

20. I'm Byron!

The party are hired for a larger mission. They meet Bi Ming Gusset, have an unfortunate encounter at the British Museum, and apprehend Figgis, impersonating Byron, at the bank.

21. Garden Party!

22. Carry On Swarming

23. Hedge Your Bets

24. The Root of the Problem

25. A Wilde After-party

The newly-named London Rangers visit Kew Gardens, clear out an infested basement, and encounter Wilde.

25. A Wilde After-party

26. I Predict a Riot!

27. In The Navy

The Rangers take a train to Dover, nearly get caught up in a riot, and have dinner with Barnes.

27. In The Navy!

28. Not-So-Hard Time

Zolf gets arrested, Hamid does some legal research, Bertie and Brutor get pampered, and Sasha unwinds with some target practice.

29. The Scrimshaw Redemption

Three of the Rangers (and Brutor) have a legal montage while Zolf starts a Harrison Cambell book club. 

29. The Scrimshaw Redemption

30. In Too Deep

31. Water Way to Go...

32. End of the Line...

Hamid talks down a demanding priest of Poseidon. Zolf undergoes his trial. The Rangers are briefly reunited for a visit to the temple of Poseidon, before once again splitting as they engage in a perilous race to Calais

33. Bon Voyage!

34. Le Gai Paris!

The sea-faring Rangers hitch a pair of rides to Calais. Bertie bullies his way out of a train station and back to the nicest hotel in town.

34. Le Gai Paris!

35. The Exposition Box

36. Contracts and Calculators

Bertie makes the papers, albeit not how he'd hoped. The Rangers finally make it to Paris, where Sasha is greeted with a suspiciously lavish gift from Brock. Bertie gets in trouble for revealing his deep, dark secret.

36. Contracts and Calculators

37. Ups and Downs

38. Brutor Is...

39. Sleuths, Smarms and Stations

B1. The Yeti's Claw

B2. Keystone's Key Stone

The Rangers attempt to meet Francois Henri, but Sasha gets her memory altered instead. Hamid goes on a date. The party investigates La Gazette Grande and get into a chase in which Brutor and Bertie fall on Sasha. Brutor runs away and Bertie storms off to the Alps in search of Hannibal's tomb, where he meets Edward and Tjelvar. The rest of the party meet Wilde again.

40. Wheels Within Wheels...

41. Chariots and Catacombs

42. Feet of Clay

43. Hunted

44. Rock Bottom

B2. Keystone's Key Stone

B3. Onwards and Upwards!

The remaining Rangers search for answers about Amelie Rose and the Ordinateurs. The journalist's mother points them in the direction of the Parisian catacombs. After failing to gain entry via the Temple of Apollo, the trio bluff their way in through a nearby dig site. After being crushed by a cave-in and stalked by a monster, all three party members end up unconscious.

Meanwhile, Bertie continues his quest in the Alps.

18 B3. Onwards and Upwards!

B4. Girls, Guardians & Giants

B5. The Tomb of Hannibal

44. Rock Bottom

45. Mr. Ceiling

46. Theseus' Ship

47. Memories are Made of This

Bertie, Ed, and Tjelvar discover Hannibal's tomb, and Bertie receives a message from Wilde, calling him back to Paris.

The rest of the party wakes up in a mysterious lab; Zolf is legless and Sasha's in a disturbing state. Bertie arrives and the party meets Mr Ceiling.

19-26 47. Memories are Made of This The party spend a week in l'Arc d'Ordinateurs. Zolf gets an ambiguous message from Poseidon. Sasha reminisces with the parts of Brock in Mr. Ceiling. Hamid learns about Mr. Ceiling and its plans to expand. Bertie learns about his contract and reunites with Brutor, whose memory he asks Mr. Ceiling to alter.
27-28* 47. Memories are Made of This

48. Ctrl Alt Destroy!

49. Bringing Down the House

50. Everything's Fine

51. Elementary my dear Bertie

52. A Night to Remember

53. You're Welcome?

The party fight the humanoid incarnation of Mr. Ceiling. Their success leads to an outpouring of praise and good news for each of them. An ominous message prompts them to investigate L'Arc more closely, which reveals the fact that they are actually in a simulation, not real life. They return to reality, where they shut down and destroy Mr. Ceiling for real. They return to the surface to find Paris' infrastructure shut down. Brutor is re-homed. The party explain the situation to the police and Wilde, before returning to the hotel to rest.

Season Two[]

Day Episode(s) Summary
29 54. Paris is Burning In an unusually quiet city, Bertie and Hamid attempt to sell treasures, Sasha hangs out with the gargoyles, and Zolf seeks spiritual guidance.
30 54. Paris is Burning

55. In Seine in the Membrane

As the situation in Paris deteriorates, the party argue over past and future decisions. Sasha and Bertie take to the streets for vigilante justice. Zolf has words with Poseidon.
31-32 55. In Seine in the Membrane Hamid attempts to comfort Zolf and maintain public order. Sasha and Bertie continue their vigilante activities. Zolf receives his sea legs.
33 55. In Seine in the Membrane

56. Trench Coat Capers

57. Locksmith Lockdown

Poseidon's gift is revealed to Sasha and Bertie before Wilde tells them they're needed elsewhere. The party is attacked as they make their way through an anarchic streets of Paris.
34 57. Locksmith Lockdown

58. Tanks But No Tanks

59. Run Awaaaaaay!

60. To the Aeroport!

61. Skyships and Harlequins

62. (Sky) Ship in a Bottle

La Gourmande's people attack. The Rangers make their way to the aeroport and part with Wilde. Amelia Earhart reveals Zolf's familial connections with the Harlequins. Guivres destroys Eiffel's Folly.
35 62. (Sky) Ship in a Bottle Sasha learns from Zolf that she has a deteriorating magical illness. Bertie and Hamid have some wine, and Bertie talks to Harrison Cambell.
36 62. (Sky) Ship in a Bottle

63. Harrison Cambell!

Bertie searches for Harrison Cambell, for whom he's developed an animosity.
37 63. Harrison Cambell!

64. Swords, Severance and Sass

The Rangers have a meeting. Bertie seeks revenge on Harrison Cambell, but Earhart ends up pranking him, and Zolf tries to kill him. Bertie receives a sword and is fired.
38 64. Swords, Severance and Sass

65. Parting in Prague

66. Loose Ends

Upon arriving in Prague, Zolf leaves. Sasha and Hamid go on a restaurant crawl.
39 66. Loose Ends

67. Ack Zombies!

68. Funky to Funk

69. Rag Week

Hamid renames the party LOLOMG, Sasha visits Temple of Artemis, where she encounters Grizzop, and Bertie goes shopping. The party gets attacked by some zombies and learn about a rogue mage.
40 69. Rag Week

70. Quoth the Raven

71. Secrets and Smithies

72. Drama!

73. Phantom Funtimes

74. Upstairs Downstairs

75. The Show Must Go On!

76. Hello Prague

77. Hello Kafka!

78. Stage Fright

79. Farewell Bertie

80. What Now

The party go up to the university and investigate Kafka's office, where they meet Einstein, learn of Hamid's sorcery, and talk to a crow. They meet the university council, and discover that they’re Harlequins. Returning to Einstein’s office, the party encounters Gideon. They try to disrupt Kafka’s ritual by killing zombies throughout the city. They go to the opera, in which Aziza is singing. Grizzop and Sasha fight zombies in the basement while Hamid and Bertie confront Kafka. Kafka casts feeblemind on Hamid, who flees as a little dragon boy. Kafka makes Bertie choose between himself and Aziza, but ends up killing them both. Grizzop and Sasha finally stop Kafka’s ritual and kill him. The party returns to the university, where both Sasha and Hamid are healed, and Hamid learns about Bertie and Aziza. The Cult of Mars arrives and arrests the party, but the university council flee. The party is interrogated, Hamid is informed of Liliana’s disappearance, and Wilde rescues them.
41 81. Breakfast with Desert

82. Hostile Work Environment

The party meets Wilde for a breakfast meeting and enters Newton's office in search of Liliana.
42 82. Hostile Work Environment The party continues their journey through Newton's office.
43 82. Hostile Work Environment

83. Fatal Attraction

84. Dishing the Dirt

85. Proper Hospitality

The party encounters Newton and Liliana, with whom Hamid has an emotional conversation. They leave Newton's office and discover a Mr. Ceiling-like brain orb and lots of dirt. They are teleported by Einstein to Cairo, where they meet Azu and take shelter from a sandstorm in a temple of Aphrodite.

Season Three[]

Day Episode(s) Summary
43 (cont) 86. Clerical Errors The party go to sleep in the temple of Aphrodite.
44 86. Clerical Errors

87. Homeward Bound

88. Moonshine Misery

Sasha learns more about her condition, Hamid discovers the source of his draconic heritage, and the party arrive at the al-Tahan residence, where Hamid grieves with his family and everyone else gets very drunk.


89.  We Hardly Knew Ye

90. Family Matters

91. Can't We All Just Get Along?

92. Bringing Down the House

93. The Curse!!!

94. Justice

Aziza's funeral and wake, fighting the squizzards, Hamid confronts both Salehs, Sasha runs off and meets Carter, Grizzop & Azu find Sasha, the gang talks morals with Saleh & Carter
46 94. Justice

95.  Apophis Awaits

96.  Behind Closed Doors

Hamid spills his backstory over breakfast, visiting Apophis, shopping
47 96.  Behind Closed Doors

97.  Vaults, Villains and Virtue

98. Hostile Accounting

99. Lads and Blokes

100. Disappearing Acts

101. Resolutions

Getting the Heart of Aphrodite, making Sasha un-undead, returning the Heart of Aphrodite
48 101. Resolutions

102. Look Busy!

103. Everybody Out!

Looking at the Rachet factory, heading into Damascus
49 103. Everybody Out!

104. Nice to Meat You

105. Surprise!

106. Special Delivery

107. Questions and Answers

Raiding the Crank factory
50 107. Questions and Answers

108. Worker Woes

109. Dance Off!

110. Cracking Up

The near-riot in Damascus, glassing the Crank factory
51 110. Cracking Up

111. Waterworks

112. Water Conundrum

113. Bug in the Machine

114. Snakes and Daggers

115. Rome is Where the Heart Is

116. Hounded

Investigations under Crank, the party's loved ones get kidnapped, most of the party leaves for Rome, Grizzop sabotages the factory
52 117. Orcward

118. Pop

119. Magic Nap

120. Unlikely Allies

Fighting the invisible creature and meeting Ed in Rome, threatening Barret in Damascus
53 120. Unlikely Allies

121. Contact

Discovering the portal in Rome, talking with the Cult of Hephaestus and the Harlequins in Damascus
54 121. Contact

122. Gatekeeping

123. Plane and Simple

124. Catching Up

125. Don't Let Go

126. Interesting Times

The party is reunited and planeshift to the Hades Dimension, losing Grizzop and Sasha

Season Four[]

Day Episode(s) Summary


Episode(s) Summary
54 (cont'd) 127. Welcome Back Hamid and Azu return to Cairo and talk with Curie
55 128. Tadaima Hamid and Azu are teleported to Japan, where they're drugged, locked in a cell, and meet Zolf
56 - 61 129. Brave New World Hamid and Azu are in a cage for a week
62 129. Brave New World

130. Violent Reactions

131. Building Friendships

Hamid and Azu are released, talk with Wilde, and meet Cel.
63 - 69 131. Building Friendships The party helps Cel fortify their village for a week
70 - 73 131. Building Friendships The party works on a boat for 5 days
74 132. Sinking Feeling The party finishes working on the boat and has a final chat with Wilde.
75-76 132. Sinking Feeling

133. Sneaks and Cuddles

134. Onions and Jelly

135. Science!

136. Trouble at the Top

137. Lightning Round

138. Lightning Boy and the Kobold Killers

139. Blobs, Spikes, Spiders & Booms

140. How Puzzling

141. All the Way Down

142. Splashing Around

143. Separation Anxiety

144. Ride the Wave

145. Triggers, Traps and Tubes

146. Organic Matter

147. The Dungeon Master

148. Jumble Sale!

149. The Machinery of Evil

The party sails to the Shoin Institute, and sneaks and fights their way through.
77 150. Bedrock Misery

151. Giblets!

152. Decompressing

153. The Chatter Box

The party wakes up under Shoin's institutes, fights their way out, and returns to the inn, where they are placed in quarantine.
78 153. The Chatter Box Drinking and talking in quarantine.
79 154. Red String and Hive Minds Theorizing in quarantine; in the evening, the kobolds arrive at the inn, causing the party to extend the quarantine to the entire inn.
80 155. Dinner with Dragons

156. In Memoriam

On the first day of inn-wide quarantine, Zolf argues with Hamid and subsequently talks with Azu.
81-83 156. In Memoriam The party spend their quarantine at the inn.
84 156. In Memoriam On the evening of the last day of quarantine, Wilde reads Sasha's letter to the party. Hamid and Zolf subsequently talk.
85 156. In Memoriam

157. The Big Picture

Interrogating the brorb. Cel returns to their village.
86 158. On the Road Again The party spends 24 hours doing their own thing: Azu hangs around the inn, Cel stays in their village, Hamid sews, and Zolf is alone outside.
87 158. On the Road Again Wilde reviews the Earhart plan with the party. Zolf packs while Azu, Hamid, and the kobolds visit Cel's village and tells them about the plan.
88 158. On the Road Again The party sets out at first light. They walk to the coast and then sail to Sakaiminato, arriving in evening. They eat at the Soggy Fisherman and then set out at night.
89-91 158. On the Road Again The party takes "a few days" to ride from Sakaiminato to Hiroshima.
92 158. On the Road Again

159. Hiroshima

Arrival in Hiroshima; Azu visits the temple of Aphrodite, Hamid and Cel go to the bank, and Zolf goes shopping. In the evening, they talk money.
93 159. Hiroshima

160. A Fixer Upper

Wilde briefs the party about Earhart and her ship's condition; Cel and Hamid go to work on the ship, and Azu and Zolf visit Earhart.
94-100 160. A Fixer Upper

161. Terms and Conditions

162. Flying High

For a week, Cel & the kobolds work on the ship, Azu and Zolf counsel Earhart, and Hamid sews. Later in the week, Earhart arrives at the ship and there are negotiations, Zolf hires a crew, and Azu and Zolf go around the city healing people, and Azu gets high, supervised by Cel.
101 162. Flying High

163. Friend or Foe

The Vengeance sets sail. Earhart trains the crew hard.
102 163. Friend or Foe Hard training aboard the Vengeance.
103 163. Friend or Foe Earhart gives a mission briefing, after which the crew are allowed some leisure time. Earhart confides in Zolf about the possibility of a mutiny. The party relaxes on deck in the evening.
104 164. Let's Talk Around midday, Azu & Cel talk in the crow's nest, Zolf breaks up a card game, and Hamid talks to Wilde.
105 164. Let's Talk In the evening, Azu rejects Siggif during a game of darts.
106-107 165. Hide the Fang "A couple of days" pass, during which the Vengeance sees its first storm.
108 165. Hide the Fang

166. Smooth Sailing

167. Fun and Games

168. It's Okay, but it's Complicated

169. Airships and Ground Rules

Earhart briefs the party on the Northern Wastes, Cel plays Hide the Fang, Azu gets a gift from Siggif, and the ship comes across a mountain range of megafauna corpses and a borealis. Azu goes on a date with Kiko, and then everyone preps for the borealis, creating a safe room in the sleeping quarters. Zolf teaches Wilde how to fly the boat. Zolf flies the ship through the borealis through the night, as everyone but Cel falls into a magical sleep below decks.
109 169. Airships and Ground Rules

170. Checking In

171. The Bow Bar

Everyone who was asleep wakes up in new bodies and attempts to figure out their new situations.
110 171. The Bow Bar Wilde builds a bar.
111 171. The Bow Bar Wilde finishes the bar and everyone parties.
112 172. Back in the Box! Everyone plans to go into another borealis.
113 173. Mixed Blessings

174. Impact

175. Ascension

176. Last Words (Part 1)

177. Last Words (Part 2)

178. Frost and Fire

Zolf sails through the borealis while the others sleep; they wake up in their right bodies but a falling ship. The Vengeance crash-lands, killing several of its crew members. The rest of the crew encounters Sohra, an Elder of the Ursans, who offers to resurrect the dead and brings them to her city on a giant bear, where Azu, Cel, Skraak, and Zolf perform a ritual to bring back their dead. Carter, Sassraa, and Wilde return; that evening, they hold a cremation for Meerk.

NOTE: The party has, according to Bryn in 180, apparently spent 'over 3 weeks' on the airship, but only 12 days are explicitly accounted for 'on air'. It must be assumed that some ship days passed 'off-air', so this is most likely day ~122 or thereabouts- adding up to a couple of weeks to each day number after this point works fine.

114 179. Eat, Drink and Be Merry Azu and Kiko go on a date, Cel flirts with Barnes, Zolf and Wilde talk about their relationship, and Hamid gets to know the kobolds better.
115 179. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

180. Visitation

181. Baggage

The crew of the Vengeance meets the Ursans council; they discuss the blue veins and the seed. The Ursans reveal the arrival of Chinua in their town, and bring the party to the Garden of Yerlik. As it's unwise to go in at night, the party camps overnight near the garden.
116 181. Baggage

182. The Garden of Yerlik

183. Strength In Numbers

184. Monster Mash

185. Silent Silver

186. For Whom The Bell Tolls

187. It Tolls For Tree!

188. Wibble Wobble

189. Reality Check

190. Mind The Gap

191. Friends In Low Places

192. Sown Seeds

193. Cult Classics

194. Full Circle

The party heads into the garden, encounters some mostly benevolent spirits, then enters into combat. At the centre of the spreading blight, they come across scores of petrified dwarves running from three giant interplanar flowers. Retreating from a difficult battle with the trees of the blighted garden itself, the party enters one of the giant flowerbud-portals, and find themselves in ethereal encounters with vindictive shades of dead loved ones. Waking from these encounters, it turns out the party is in the grip of a betentacled being in an extraplanar void. The party is flung through a series of elemental planes, before landing in disparate locations in a drastically-altered Other London. It is unclear how much time has or has not passed while the party was outside time, but from their point of view their day continues. In Other London, various members of the party are hunted in the dark by clicking, blue-glowing veined clawed creatures. The PC's reunite and meet Gragg, before heading to Barrett's old compound and getting a debrief from Wilde followed by Barret. The party then decides to follow Barret's plan.

Note: Hamid, Azu, and Zolf arrive in Other London apparently instantaneously, but a week has passed on the material plane. Cel arrives three days before them. Their moss-induced memory loss means they do not remember this time passing, however, so functionally their day continues with the rest of the party.

117 194. Full Circle

195. The One That Got Away

196. A Brief Catchup

The party head to the surface to a secondary location, hiding from the infected citizens of Upper London as they do so. They meet with the cell that is preparing a device that will be able to reverse the veins. They are briefed on the location of the kill switch, restock on supplies, and grab some new equipment before resting.
118 196. A Brief Catchup

197. Sounds in the Deep

198. Tourist Traps

199. Rock and a Thorn Place

200. Bossing It

201. A Colourful Encounter

202. Nom Nom Nom

203. Excessively Sneaky

204. Gifts!

Einsten teleports the party to Svalbard and they begin their exploration. They soon reach a council chamber where they find the kill switch they are looking for inside a massive but dead planar plant similar to the ones in The Garden of Yerlik. They swiftly return to Einstein and teleport away.
119 204. Gifts!

205. A Barret Problem

206. It's Inside

207. Hold the Line

208. Threshold

209. Shades of Red

210. Nuff Said

211. The Writer's Tale