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Eren Fairhands is the head of the Cairo chapter of the Cult of Aphrodite.

Appearance & personality[]

He is an Elf, which is a rare race to see in Meritocratic lands. Very tall and slender, somewhat austere. Values quiet contemplation and healing.

Azu is a little nervous and starstruck by him and his abilities, and she considers him to be the best healer in the entire world. Has been known to do advanced healing on large groups at once.


Season 3[]

Azu has a 'skills crush' on him.

Sasha consults him about her undead situation and he suggests using the Heart of Aphrodite to heal her.

The party brings Howard Carter and Saleh to him and he is able to lift the curse that has afflicted both of them.

When the party is attacked as they are transporting the Heart of Aphrodite, he joins the other clerics and paladins of Aphrodite in battling the cult. He then uses the Heart to heal Sasha from her partially done resurrection in episode 101. He also heals the finger that she cut off to escape Barret

Gifts Azu with a miniature Heart of Aphrodite when the group leaves Cairo.

Season 4[]

Gave Curie information about Azu to verify her identity. No one is allowed to tell Azu what has happened to him.

In episode 159, Azu learns that he is leading efforts on the front.


Eren Fairhands is a cleric of lvl 13 or higher. He has cast the following spells: