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Eva is a cleric of Artemis and Grizzop's mentor.

Appearance and personality[]

Eva is straightforward, matter-of-fact, and really really loves her pet leopard. She is dressed in practical clothes and heavy boots.



Eva was Grizzop's mentor and adoptive parent after his clutch died.

Season 2[]


In episode 66, Grizzop speaks with her about having visited the university looking for a rogue magician, a guy called Franz Kafka. Kafka is on the board of the university, and we don’t hear why Grizzop is looking for him. He and the person he’s conversing with decide that he’ll need to go back up to the university and figure out where Kafka went and why the board is being so cagey about it.

She is also the healer that Sasha goes to see at the Prague Temple of Artemis. Eva is very straightforward and rather unsympathetic to Sasha's chronic and deteriorating condition (repeatedly referring to 'Clive the Paladin', who has had it worse than Sasha and is doing fine, and also telling her to 'walk it off'). She performs a healing spell on her then fobs her off to the Cult of Aphrodite (The cults of Artemis and Aphrodite don't get on) or Prague University to deal with the condition. Eva's leopard lives in the office with her, and sniffs at Sasha then recoils. When Sasha tries to get further with Eva, she is already back to daydreaming about her leopard.

Grizzop later writes reports to her about his work.