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Femi is a priest from an old culture; she is one of the three voices in Arian's head, and focuses mostly on healing Arian and foiling The Nameless One.


She appears as a woman with incredibly extravagant hair; it is braided on top of her head in very fancy styles. Her robes are of a similar nature. They are very elaborate, with scroll patterns all across the robes.


Femi is very energetic, and is mostly nice to Arian, providing her with healing throughout the adventure. She is dedicated to her gods and her culture, focused on sharing stories from her time. When prompted, she offers Arian advice, but is unwilling to give Arian's body back when an option to worship her gods comes up. She hates Brian, and views him (correctly) as nothing more than an evil, self-interested wizard, doing all she can to sabotage his plots and enjoys when he doesn't get his way. She is mostly neutral.


She is a good healer and also a skilled librarian.

Additional Info[]

It is revealed that Femi grew up on an archipelago, and died an indeterminate amount of time before the adventure started. She had been trying to save the information of her culture in the necklace and died in the wave that submerged her people and lands.