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Scientist. Constantly doing experiments in his shed which cause flashes and bangs and the occasional blaze. Tall and bulky with very wild hair and eyes that seem to move independently half the time. He always has a headpiece on with multiple eye lenses that flick down but also has two fans on either side of his face to keep him constantly cool. He always wears a lab coat. It's never the same lab coat as it has different rips and stains everyday. Under that he wears dirty t-shirts and nondescript trousers. Flash has the only surviving Nestle Bounty coconut bar and is doing experiments to try and reverse engineer the preservatives but he must keep this a secret from the Bounty Hunters. In order to hide from them, he dyes his hair a different color every day and pretends it's a lab accident so it seems unintentional. In the beginning of the special, he is determined to eliminate Johnny Seconi's religious cult because they believe they can give it to the Hubtown leader in exchange for entrance back into Hubtown.

Character Creation Questions and Answers[]

  • Question posed: Why are you traveling in disguise?
    • Answer chosen: I want to avoid bounty hunters identifying me.
  • Group Question: Why do I want to avoid bounty hunters identifying me?
    • Group Answer: He's carrying the one surviving nestle bounty coconut bar. He is doing experiments to reverse engineer the preservatives.
  • Describe: Describe something that you do everyday because you want to avoid bounty hunters identifying you.
    • Everyday, he dyes his hair a different color and pretends it's a lab accident.
  • Choice: Today is different, you're about to do something big.
    • Chosen Answer: Eliminate a religious cult
  • Group Question 2: Why is Flash Blaze about to eliminate a religious cult?
    • Group Answer: The Eggxiles are trying to get his bounty so the leader will let them back into Hubtown. So he's going to wipe them all out.