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Gragg is the owner of an inn called "The Bloody Bulldog," the poshest pub in Other London.

Appearance and personality[]

Gragg is initially described as enormous to the point that they may not be entirely human, and indeed is a half-ogre. speaks with a deep, gravelly voice, and his cooking and bartending skills are basic but functional. He is very kindly, and believes in helping people in any way he can- even if he can't save Other London.



Gragg is friends with, or something of a mentor figure to, Sasha.

Season 1[]

In episode 12, Gragg becomes the Inventor of eel "keesh" once Hamid describes a quiche to him. It's an eel pie, but you take the hat off! The party stays at the Blood Bulldog after being kidnapped by Barret's goons, and Gragg is so pleased with his new culinary repertoire he provides them all with a packed keesh lunch for later that day.

Season 4[]

[191 - 195]

Gragg is re-encountered in episode 191 after the party return back to Other London through planar travel. He finds Cel unconscious in a patch of "memory moss" and assists them in both recovering from the temporary and severe amnesia as an effect of the moss, and attempting to reconvene with the party and Wilde from a number of bases including his inn where we encounter him in-episode.

He escorts Cel to Barret's complex in and attends the briefing meetings in episodes 192 and 193 along with the rest of the party, and accompanies them part of the way to the secondary location in London in episode 194. He peels off, however, and returns to his pub. This is partially because Barret doesn't want him to come on the next part of the mission, and partly because he sees his place as helping individual survivors of the infection, bringing them supplies and connecting them with other survivors. He may be the originator of Sasha's phrase 'sometimes you can't save the world, but you can save a person', and Azu makes a mental note that he might be good in the Cult of Aphrodite.


Alex voices Gragg, and the very deep, gravelly voice is all Alex- it's not edited.