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Grizz, or "Riz" is one of Sasha's adopted children.

Personality & appearance[]

Riz is tall and lanky, having recently had a growth-spurth that he's still getting used to.

As the oldest, he's relatively more mature and the the assigned leader of the group, although he's extremely awkward. He doesn't get much respect, and although he's very protective of his stuff, his siblings (particularly Azus) keep taking things from him, much to his distress.

According to Sasha's letter, he "loves plants and growing living things," and is generally calm and quiet.


Like all the of Sasha's kids, Riz is a proficient rogue. He later also becomes a cleric.



Riz had several older siblings who are no longer around, likely due to the attack of the dragons on Ancient Rome.

Roman Rogues sidequest[]

Later life[]

Riz eventually became a cleric of Opis.


  • Riz appeared in Bryn's non-canonical fanfic, A Long Day.