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Guivres is the Meritocrat based in France.

Appearance & personality[]

She is a huge Gold Dragon in control of western Europe and overseeing global finance. she is considered magnanimous and benevolent.



In Ancient Rome, the Meritocrats were held below Rome until they were intentionally released by people dressed as the Cult of Mars, resulting in a rampage that caused the fall of Rome. During the Fall of Rome, Guivres was struck by the lightning that formed at the centre of the Hades ritual at Nero's palace and fell from the sky, but she did not die and became one of the six world rulers.

It is likely that Notre Dame, now a church of Apollo, was built in her honour.

Season 2[]

A drawing of Guivers, a gold dragon, rising above cloud cover high into the sky. Her wings are outstretched and she heads towards the sun. Behind her is a brown airship that is sailing just above the clouds.

Guivres rises above the clouds. Art by @verscilith on twitter. Used with permission.

She ultimately destroyed Eiffel's Folly with her breath in episode 62 as the Paris riots grew wildly out of control, killing many people. This was the first time a Meritocrat had been seen in public for many, many years.

Season 4[]

As of Season 4, Guivres has become infected by the blue vein malady, and is running loose in the world as part of the hivemind. At some point during the 18-month timeskip, Amelia Earhart and her airship crew went up against Guivres and tried to take her down, but Guivres destroyed Earhart's ship, killing all members of the crew apart from Earhart herself.