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Harlequins are a separatist society, working to undermine and overthrow the rule of the Meritocrats. They want sentient creatures to be in control of their own destinies. Many are believed to have fled to America.

Harlequins assign themselves to different card suits: hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. They seem to be divided into chapters with leaders such as Rakefine. Some chapters seem to be significantly better organized than others.

A comment from Earhart in episode 61 suggests that they weren't always a separatist group; she says that "once the whole separatist thing set up, it was kind of dangerous to be linked" to the Harlequins, leading to people like Hirald Smith leaving the organization. Earhart also suggests in episode 62 that membership in the Harlequins is hereditary and not necessarily something you choose.

The Harlequins are also known as the Jesters (according to Alex's introduction in episode 62.)

Known Harlequin members & associates[]

Name Role within organization Suit
Marie Curie Leader (as of season 4) Spades
Amelia Earhart
Albert Einstein Transportation (through teleportation) Spades
Eldarion Spades
Sigmund Freud Spades
Franz Kafka Spades
Rakefine Chapter head; "big picture" strategizing
Feryn Smith Spades
Hirald Smith Logistical freelancer, tactician; left because of their involvement with the separatists. Spades
Zolf Smith Investigating strange weather phenomena Spades

Harlequin chapters[]

  • The Damascan's Peoples Front
  • London chapter (presumed, given Rakefine leading a chapter while in London)
  • Prague chapter (possibly the Prague University council)