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Harrison Cambell is the author of many romantic novels, of which Zolf, Azu, Barnes, and Shoin are all fans.

Appearance & personality[]

Cambell is a small gentleman who appears bookish, looking like a lecturer. He wears spectacles and carries a notepad. He wears a smoking jacket while aboard Earhart's airship.

Cambell is always on the lookout for a new story for his books. He's not a particularly brave man, but he is generally fairly kind.



Prior to writing romance novels, Cambell's earlier works focused excessively on high adventure. These books did poorly in Western Europe, but their translated versions in Japan were well-received.

Season 1[]

In need of something to pass the time in the Dover jail in episode 28, the jailer hands Zolf one of Cambell's books, later revealing at least 40 more hidden beneath another bunk in the opposite cell. The two quickly create their own book club as they discuss the deeper meaning and symbolism of Cambell's works.

In episode 31, whilst trying to win a bet against Zolf as to who can get to Calais first, Bertie encounters Cambell on the train to Calais, where he tries to use him as a trap-defuser.

Season 2[]

Cambell reunites with Bertie on the skyship the party board to leave Paris in episode 62. During this time, he has written a letter he has not yet sent to his publisher, mentioning his newest brilliant idea after meeting an awful person on his journey from Dover to Paris. Bertie finds the letter when looking through the things in Cambell's room and sets off to find him. Cambell tries to hide from Bertie, but is eventually found on deck and thrown overboard by Bertie. He luckily manages to catch on the side and climb in a window, but spends the entirety of the rest of the trip to Prague desperately hiding from Bertie.

Season 4[]

In the 18-month timeskip, Cambell has had incredible success after writing a series based on (and mocking) Bertie. Zolf has also managed to get Barnes into the series.

In episode 129, Zolf shares his books with Azu, who enjoys them. In episode 148, the party finds a Cambell book in Shoin's underground lair; he's a big fan of Cambell's works.

Known Works[]

Title Information known Episode discussed
When Passions Collide Protagonist is Jennifer; she makes poor decisions. 28. Not-So-Hard Time
With the Passion of the Sun The greatest romance novel ever written, according to Zolf. 63. Harrison Cambell
With the Passion of the Son Follows the son of the protagonists in With the Passion of the Sun. 63. Harrison Cambell
Seven Nights with Seven Brothers 63. Harrison Cambell (?)
Two Nights in Jodhpurs 63. Harrison Cambell (?)
Hearts of Fire Highly successful series satirizing Bertie. 129. Brave New World
In the Eye of Your Love Early, lesser novel focussed on high adventure; the inspiration for Shoin's dungeon. Did well in Japan, but not Western Europe. 148. Jumble Sale
Questions of the Heart 157. The Big Picture
The Heart Beats Faster Arguably the lewdest Cambell; someone tried to ban it in Sweden. 160. A Fixer Upper
Love in a Time of Hardship Early novel. 163. Friend or Foe