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Khantu is an Ursan and a member of the Ursans council, representing Kaltes.

Appearance & personality[]

Kantu is young, probably 16 - 17 years old. They're expressive, impetuous, and nervous, especially in contrast to their fellow councilmembers.


Season 4[]

In episode 179, the party is greeted by Khantu. In episode 180, they welcome the party to the Ursan council, and opens the meeting. They seem nervous. Khantu is incredibly expressive, and it’s very easy to read their face as the council discusses the infection that Earhart told them about when she explained the party's mission. Khantu is clearly mortified while hearing about this (it’s very clear that they may know what has caused this), and when Sumutnyerl asks about the hive mind and Hamid says that they all act as one, Khantu looks confused and worried as the council discusses this.

After Kondha has told the party about Chinua visiting, and the party has explained the danger of the blue veins and quarantine procedures, Khantu stands again, asking if they should take action immediately. Zolf and Azu both say that they should, and Khantu asks to be released from the council session to handle this situation. The rest of the council members grant this pardon, and they sprint out of the council chambers to begin the quarantine process.


Kaltes may be an allusion to Khaltesh Anki (Калтащ Анки), who is a Khanty goddess of earth, mother of god (Numi Torum)