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Kiko is part of the crew of the Vengeance.

Personality & appearance[]

Kiko is a very tall, very well-built human woman wearing chain-mail. She has a stern expression and fabulous bone structure; she’s the least aggressive and youngest of the three of the hired crew, at about 20 years old. She has a swagger, like she has something to prove, and is quite good-natured. She has a nice singing voice and is good at poker.



Kiko was adopted into a gnomish family; her adopted mother died fairly young, so she was raised by her dad, Elbert. Elbert was an airship crewman for Amelia Earhart. Kiko mostly stayed with her Nan while Elbert did tours with Earhart. Eventually, he didn’t come back from a tour.

Kiko feels she owes Earhart a lot and is excited at the chance to fly with her; as a result, Earhart trusts her implicitly.

Season 4[]

[162 - 173]

Zolf hires Kiko as part of the crew on their trip to Svalbard in episode 162. In episode 164, in Kiko's secret poker den, she and Zolf both try to work out if the other is planning a mutiny. After Siggif and Friedrich have both had disastrous conversations with Azu, Kiko invites Azu to talk to her if she wants a conversation that isn't awkward. In episode 166, Azu approaches Kiko and they have a 'date' below decks, in another secret cubby-hole. They talk, then Kiko asks azu to massage out a crick in her shoulder, which she does. Before the date ends, they share a kiss.

Wild magic places her in Friedrich's body in episode 168; Skraak occupies her body. At the party at the Bow Bar in episode 171, Kiko talks awkwardly with Azu (who is in Meerk's body), about size differences and how she's worried she'll hurt someone with her massive arms. She ends up rolling Azu at Carter. She recovers her own body in episode 173.  

[174 - 180]

In the ship crash in episode 174, Kiko remains on the ship and is unharmed. She helps to carry the bodies to the bear and the ritual hall in episodes 175 and 176, and stays outside during the ritual in episode 177. In episode 179, she goes on a date with Azu in the Ursans' city. They go to a park and have some food and drink, and play chess (they each win a game). They also cloudwatch for a while. Azu also asks Kiko to be her 'official' girlfriend, and Kiko accepts, and they kiss some more. In episode 180, she remains on the bear with the Ursans along with the rest of the crew of the Vengeance, while the party goes to the Garden of Yerlik. Azu compliments her on having a 'bad ass' before they part.


In episode 192, Wilde informs the party that through his connection to Carter and Sassraa, the Vengeance crew know the party is OK, and that they are planning to help in some way.