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There are seven red kobolds from the settlement near Okinoshima who have assigned themselves as Hamid's bodyguards.

Coloured digital art of seven kobolds: red lizard-like humanoids with tails, small wings, horns, and yellow slitted eyes. They’re lined up in a row. First is Skraak, the one of the tallest, wearing a green cap and coat. He’s tiptoeing and looking to the side. Meerk is next; they’re the smallest, with short, stumpy horns and a smile. Sassraa is the tallest; she has very long horns and has a grumpy expression. Natun is wide, with a large belly and a big smile. Tadyka is mid-sized and brighter red than the others; they are squinting suspiciously. Driaak is dark red, with long, droopy ears and no wings. Draal, the last, has a big mouth and the biggest tail; they are sitting and bear a goofy grin. The background is yellow.

Hamid's seven bodyguards. Art by @bag-chips on tumblr. Used with permission.


The kobolds are:


All seven of the bodyguards are red kobolds. They have horns (which are not white except for Sassraa), claws, and tails. Skraak, but not the other kobolds, has fronds under his arms that allow him to glide. All of them are able to breathe small amounts of fire.



Kobolds don’t like people knowing where they sleep; sleeping somewhere one can easily be found is a social faux-pas for them.


The kobolds are all prodigies at engineering.


Among other things, kobolds enjoy a sort of burger made of mashed mealworms, between two mushrooms that cause psychoactive effects.

Hide the Fang[]

A game in which one hides a fang and everyone else finds it. The first one to find and retrieve the fang wins, with honorary points for the more audacious hiding spots. Allegiances are formed and broken. They’ve made new rules for playing on an airship: you’re no longer allowed to hide the fang off the ship (they lost a fang that way) and eating the fang doesn’t count.


Kobolds mourn by quietly kneeling with their eyes closed, around the deceased. They cremate the body on a pyre, all of them using their fire-breath to light it.


According to Skraak, kobolds have a tendency follow the "biggest dragon." This turns out to be a lie told in order to keep tabs on Hamid and his companions. Skraak references the "elders" of the community sending his group out on their mission.

Though not related or loyal to all forms of dragons, they may see them as similar to gods.


  • Names and pronouns of the kobold bodyguards were confirmed by Bryn on discord; their pronouns reflect how "non-mammal races would likely have very different conceptions of gender."