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Lady Starling is the new Head of the Meritocratic forces in the realm.

Physical Appearance[]

Lady Starling is an average height, with long, dark, straightened hair. She has large military epaulettes, and a large number of medals. She's very formal. She's not a naturally affable person, and it very much so seems as though she's being polite toward the party only because its a business transaction.


Lady Starling is made the new Head of the Meritocratic forces in the realm following the explosion at Edison's that killed a number of people, including the British deputy PM. Following The Rangers' expedition into Other London to capture Guy Fawkes and other saboteurs, she hires them to retrieve the plans for The Simulacrum so Britain can use them to build an army of them before anyone else can. She also asks them to keep the Meritocrats informed of anyone else they find who is attempting to do the same. The party is meant to keep their missions under wraps.

After the mission in Other London, Guy Fawkes is sent along with Lady Starling to the Meritocratic forces.

Season 1[]

Lady Starling sends a letter to Zolf asking for an update from the party on the job.