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Liliana Beekos is the ex-girlfriend of Hamid, whom she met at Cambridge University.

Appearance and personality[]

Liliana is a halfling, but does not have other appearance indicators. When Hamid meets her she looks 'suspiciously great'. She is very intelligent and self-assured, and considers herself mature and important. She is rather judgemental and can be scathing in manner.



Liliana was one of the most talented mages in the year at university, and had a romantic relationship with Hamid while they were at university. After Hamid was expelled from university, they broke up.

Season 2[]

The LOLOMG search for Liliana after learning in episode 80 that she has disappeared into Newton's study. Upon finding her in episode 83, Hamid and Liliana discuss her research, her relationship to Gideon, and Hamid's guilt.

Hamid learns that she went on to do her PhD and become the assistant to Franz Kafka at Prague University during his studies of necromancy. She journeyed into Newton's demiplane with Kafka, and remained there to continue her work on elemental power storage, like that which powered Mr. Ceiling, while Kafka returned to the outside world.

Liliana is currently engaged to Gideon Marsten Langdon, a mutual friend of hers and Hamid's from their university days. She blames Hamid entirely for the accident at Cambridge, believing him to have led Gideon astray.

The party then brings her back to Prague University in episode 84, where they hand her in to the Cult of Mars for questioning and give Wilde her research.


  • Liliana was named after Liliana Vess from Magic: The Gathering.