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Lord Byron is a poet.

Appearance and personality[]

Byron is described as usually reclining, and usually either drunk or using opium.


Season 1[]

He is at Thomas Edison's house when it is attacked by the Serpentines, a group of arsonists organised by his sister, 'Guy'. He survives the attack though is injured and delirious. He is rescued from the ensuing inferno by Bertie in episode 5 along with some Japanese and French diplomats and Dr. Colgate. He puts out a huge reward of 9000 gold for the people who find out who was behind the attack; the party claims this reward in episode 17.

In episode 20, Figgis impersonates Byron in order to try and access his vault at the London branch of the al-Tahan bank.

In episode 21, the party meets Colgate at Kew, who seems to be acquiring drugs for Byron.

Other notes[]

In season 4, in episode 191, Gragg recites a poem that he has learned in Other London, which is in a very new style (18xx). The poem is "So We'll Go No More A Roving" by Lord Byron (George Gordon), published in 1817. It is unclear if this means RQG's character Byron is a survivor in the tunnels of Other London.