Welcome to the Rusty Quill Gaming Wiki!

Hi! Welcome to the Rusty Quill Gaming wiki.

There is a wonderful sheet over here that has a compilation of what needs to be done yet. Please put your name on anything you are working on so multiple folks aren't working on the same summary.

Things to note

Wikis are communities, so these guidelines are just to keep editors on the same page and are all up for discussion. Please let me know if you have suggestions or concerns about anything listed here.

  • If formatting isn't your thing, don't worry about it, someone else can come along and fix that.
  • This is an audio media and thus, spelling is a little up in the air. If the character/location/item is based on a real thing, please use that spelling. For original characters, the Discord and the old forums are great resources as often the creator (be sure this is the case, backstory NPCs where created by the players, not Alex) of the character will have spoken about them. For consistency and to avoid conflict, that spelling will take precedence (i.e. Bi Ming and Barret), followed by episode descriptions (i.e. Cambell), followed by common use (i.e. Eldarion). If there is another spelling that is likely to be used, please leave a redirect page. Please visit the character talk page to discuss changing names or see the currently used spellings.
  • Similarly, to avoid spelling disagreements, British English is the standard here (British show + the first editor used British English), so please don't edit existing pages into American English. That said, please don't let that stop you from adding new information! Someone else can come along and fix it.
  • This wiki is NOT spoiler free, but there are some details that may be more upsetting to have spoiled than others, such as deaths and big events. To help mediate this, please use <span class = "spoiler">TEXT HERE</span> to block them out. Use at your discretion.
  • Please avoid including Patreon only information. It's not fair to the creators nor the people that are giving their money for others to be able to listen for free.

Wikis are a wonderful resource and they aren't possible without the community. Thank you so much for any time you are willing to spend here, every typo fix and edit makes this a little better. Questions and suggestions are always welcome.

~Toni (Kqlink42)

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