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Meerk is one of Hamid's kobold bodyguards.

Personality and Appearance[]

Meerk is fond of loud noises, and often takes things too far. They use both they/them and he/him pronouns.


Season 4[]

[154 - 173]

Meerk is one of the kobolds that attacked the inn in episode 154. They are initially deferent towards Hamid. He accompanies the party to Hiroshima in episode 158 and helps in repairing Earhart's airship in episode 161. He joins the crew of the airship The Vengeance on a trip to Svalbard in episode 162.

Wild magic places him in James Barnes's body and Azu in his body in It's OK, But It's Complicated. During the onboard party in episode 171 Azu dresses Meerk's body in as many shiny spikes as she can fine, which they are both very pleased about. Kiko rolls her at Carter. They recover their own body in Mixed Blessings.

[174 - 179]

In episode 174, they are flung from the airship and die. Skraak tries to retrieve his spirit with a ritual in episode 177 but Meerk, who is in a spiky, loud, and shiny 'afterlife waiting-room', does not want to return and stays dead. Their body is cremated at the end of episode 178, with each of the other kobolds and Hamid lighting the fire together with their breaths, and the flame becoming unbearable hot and bright for a moment before burning normally. In episode 179, the remaining kobolds and Hamid reminisce about Meerk, saying that they were always the one to take things too far, and where the one that threw the fang over the side of the ship in Hide The Fang.


Like the other kobolds, Meerk is an extremely competent engineer. Meerk can also play the drums very well.

Other Notes[]

Meerk's pronouns were confirmed by Bryn on the official discord.

Meerk is especially good friends with Natun.