The Meritocrats are a group of six ancient and powerful dragons who currently control and run human affairs. They are each differently coloured: black, gold, silver, copper, brass and bronze.

They are somewhat secretive and rarely seen by the public. They use human and other sentient creatures as their agents out in the world. Oscar Wilde is one of these. The Meritocratic forces act as their police force.

Add: relationship with Harlequins, relationship with cults.

Individual Meritocrats

Bolla Smok

Bolla Smok was the Meritocrat in charge of Eastern Europe & Middle East, based in Prague, is currently dead, as explained by Mr. Ceiling. This has been kept a secret from the public. Was in charge of magic. Presumably the black dragon.


Guivres is the Meritocrat who controls Western Europe and international economics. She ultimately destroys Eiffel's Folly in episode 62 as the Paris riots grew wildly out of control. This was the first time a Meritocrat had been seen in public for many, many years. Infected, destroyed Earhart's ship. Gold dragon.


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Yet to be seen in-show[1]


Female bronze dragon, based in Indonesia. In charge of transport and logistics. Domain: Australasia.


Female silver dragon, based in China. In charge of entertainment and espionage. Domain: East Asia.


Male copper dragon, based in India. In charge of communication and administration. Domain: Central Asia.


It widely believed that Ancient Rome (and specifically the Cult of Hades), at the height of its power, was dabbling in dark and evil magic, forcing the Meritocrats to step in and take a firm grasp of human development to prevent them from destroying themselves. They outlawed the use of magic to bring people back from the dead, as well as locking away several powerful magic items, such as the Heart of Aphrodite. In the Ancient Rome sidequest, it is revealed that the Meritocrats were held below Rome until they were intentionally released by the Cult of Mars, resulting in a rampage that caused the fall of Rome.

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