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Mr. Squeakington is a talking (inter-dimensional) budgie. She was sent to prison when she was caught being a part of an underground effort to smuggle other budgies free from their captivity.


She looks like a normal (pet-sized) budgie. In Mr. Squeakington's original dimension, she was bigger, and as a result she is deceptively strong.


She squeaks when she gets excited, and seems to be relatively high-strung. She is generally pretty furious. In her downtime, Mr. Squeakington takes dust baths, pecks at her mirror, and just kinda flaps around.


Cackling and squeaking. Clawing eyes out.

Additional Info[]

Mr. Squeakington has clawed out the eyes of at least one person in the past, although given her small claws it took her quite a while. All of Mr. Squeakington's friends were melted when something went wrong with the trans-dimensional portal system they were using to smuggle the other budgies back to her original dimension. She doesn't like to think about it. What she did to her previous owner was so awful, she chose to describe it in her native language as to avoid offending anyone. Her home on the ship is a nest in the tree.