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Nathaniel Fletcher is the flightiest member of the group, and loudly proclaims he isn't a thief. He was put in jail for being caught stealing a dress, which he vehemently denies, saying that he just happened to be carrying the dress.


Fletcher is skinny and slick: "slick hair, slick moustache, slick everything, really." He's also skinny, and could be thrown very far by Zeke.


He's incredibly cowardly; he's unwilling to be at the front of a fight, unwilling to take the fall for anything, and spends most of the time of the adventure fleeing from danger. During the heist, he acts as the lookout for the team, but is clearly unintelligent when it comes to robberies, because he ends up alerting the sheriff's posse. However, this comes in handy when he's the only member of the party who suggests fleeing when they run into the zombies.


Fletcher acts as the lookout for the team, and is charismatic. He's also, according to Alex, relatively stealthy, which doesn't reflect in the adventure.

Additional Info[]

He seems to be the only genre savvy one.