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Nikola Tesla is an inventor, most widely known for his work on the lighting rail in London. While his current whereabouts are unknown, The Rangers (and subsequently London & Other London Outstanding Mercenary Group) have uncovered much of his previous activity via his notebook.

Although it is widely believed that the Simulacrum is Edison's work, it was in fact designed by Tesla.



Tesla is a deeply remorseful and broken man.


He is described as very tired and wizened looking. He is only around 50 years old but looks more like an unhealthy 70-year old. His hair is pure white and clumps of it are missing. He wears big, thick glasses and walks with a cane.


After the lighting rail disaster in London, Tesla fled to North America where he encountered a rare plant with interplanar properties. This plant inspired him to start working on The Simulacrum when he returned to Europe. As he was looking for funding, the Cult of Hades made contact and provided him with the necessary money. Tesla travelled to various places and collaborated with several people as part of his work.

He travelled to The Northern Wastes and lived with the Ursans for a year. During this time he and Sumutnyerl became emotionally involved and she allowed him to visit the Garden of Yerlik, where he secretly stole a seed.

At some point he acquired drafted plans for a Simulacrum kill switch and the party discovers these designs in his bank vault in Cairo.

He ultimately realised the danger that the Simulacrum would pose and terminated the project. The Cult of Hades decided to continue without him and brought on Edison to finish the project. Unhappy with this arrangement, Tesla arranged for the Simulacrum to be destroyed at the auction via the Serpentines.

Season 4[]

Tesla was reportedly in London when the infection hit. When the party finally meet him in episode 195, he is residing in a compound beneath the pub The One That Got Away while working on a cure for the blue veins. He is working alongside Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, Augusta Leigh, Barret Racket, and what is left of Charles Babbage.

The solution they have devised consists of two parts, one is a complex machine in the compound that contains the brain of Babbage and the other is the Simulacrum kill switch. The plan is to replace the gestalt mind of the blue vein entity with a more benign mind that will withdraw its influence from everyone. The kill switch is a necessary component as it is what would allow them to affect the whole gestalt entity at once. The modified kill switch will need to be taken to the heart of Big Ben to enact the plan.

Additional information[]

  • According to Curie, he is a Separatist but not a Harlequin.