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Okinoshima is the location of a small, rural island in Japan, with several villages on it. There's a torrential downpour (until the party finishes the Shoin dungeon crawl, at which point the rain stops), but it's warm and humid. The villages have been almost completely overtaken by Shoin, with the exception of Cel's village and the village in which Wilde has bought an inn. The village is very quiet and deserted, and no one is interested in speaking with the party. The sea surrounding the village is incredibly tempestuous, with waves crashing against the cliffs and incredibly strong and loud wind.

Wilde's inn []

It's located in the middle of the island, and is built out of wood with a Japanese architectural style. It is one of the largest inns on the island. Many of the people in the inn look at Hamid and Azu suspiciously, and don't speak. Many of them are malnourished, and most of the patrons are fishermen. In a side room, there's matting on the floor, with a low table and a drinks cabinet. The room is warm and comfortable. The table makes a hollow sound when Azu bumps into it, and it has a trap door underneath.

Upstairs, there are a number of rooms and baths. Wilde's office is located on the first floor of the inn. There is a Shinto shrine inside as well.

The cell: The floor drops away; down 15 feet, in the basement of the inn, is an anti-magic cell used for keeping potential harborers of the infection. Three walls of the cell are stone, with one side being adamantine bars. The floor resets back into place using chains that are soot-blackened, but there's an exotic metal underneath.

Cel's village[]

Cel's village is on the eastern side of the island, close to the coast, and closer to the mainland than the inn. It's a few hours travel away. There are a few buildings around, and huts for houses; there's a well in the center, and a few market stalls/shops dotted around the area. It seems to be mostly populated by gnomes, and is less shut-off than the village where Wilde's inn is located. When the party arrives in RQG 130 - Violent Reactions, there are a number of people unconscious around the village. During RQG 131 - Building Friendships, the party helps to fortify the village, building palisades and barriers around the village and placing a tank at the front entrance.

Cel's shop: Cel's shop is a small, crowded hut in the village. The shop is, according to Lydia, "so cool" (RQG 131 - Building Friendships). Everything is far too mechanical; there's a hammock made out of cogs that looks slightly comfortable. The interior of the shop is very steampunk-y, and has a lot of very strange mechanical contraptions. There are a lot of turning display cabinets with potions, dancing lights in the pillar in the middle, and a Wallace-and-Gromit-esque teamaker. Instead of a table, there is a pile of crates, filled with contraptions, and which have elaborate contraptions on top as well.


  • Okinoshima/Okunoshima Island was originally described in episode 130 as an island south of Honshu (the largest main island of Japan), and probably referred to Ōkunoshima in Hiroshima Prefecture. However, based on the travel itinerary to Hiroshima via Sakaiminato as described by Alex in episode 158, he was describing the town of Okinoshima, on the island of Dōgo in Shimane Prefecture.