Oscar Wilde is a journalist, illusionist bard, and the party's Meritocratic handler.


In the beginning, he is fond of puns, usually at other people's expense. The party is very annoyed by him.

In the Paris arc, he is much more charismatic and charming (flirty and finger guns vibe), still is fond of puns, and utilizes his popularity with the upper class to help the party along.

In the Prague arc he has changed slightly, more willing to engage with the party, also more serious and cautious about what he and the party are doing. This may be to do with the fact that he was almost kidnapped, while going from Paris to Prague.

During the Cairo arc, he becomes slightly more irritable and just wants to get things done. He's not been sleeping a lot, so he's running purely on adrenaline and spite, and he still has puns but they're sharp-edged and not well-thought out. He becomes more goal-oriented, focusing on one step, and then the next, then the next. During their visit to Apophis, he is very respectful, bowing and keeping his distance. It is revealed that he told Apophis about Sasha in an attempt to convince the dragon to allow the party the Heart of Aphrodite, so he is still quite adept at pulling strings just with his words.

Wilde in Damascus is at his lowest. He's a mess. He's suspicious of everyone, even more so after the party tell him about the Cult of Hades. He probably figures out about his curse at this time, but doesn't tell anybody. He drowns himself in work. He drops the puns, becomes much more "I don't care just get this done". The fact that the party doesn't like him very much is good for him, as it's easier for him to distance himself and not get distracted. Sasha knows that he's not doing well, he's tired, but he can't afford to lose his reputation as he uses it to get valuable information. When Grizzop finds him slumped at his desk, he's just become a shell, very much not caring at this point, very compliant.

Wilde in Japan is very good at putting on a facade- when he sees Hamid and Azu (or at least, who he thinks are Hamid and Azu) and puts them into the cell, he shuts down completely for his own safety. Then, obviously, when they exit the quarantine, he opens up much more, and seems to have adapted to the situation. He's less stressed, he's found people he can trust again (Zolf, Barnes, Carter) but is still cautious. He doesn't think that Hamid and Azu are very fond of him when he's warm as he says to Zolf.

Currently, on the airship, Wilde is more open, and sees they have allies. He's gotten some fresh air off of the island and the constant danger on the airship seems to have one him well, instead of sitting in an inn waiting for things to happen. He's more comfortable around the others now and has regained his puns. He sometimes attempts to be flirty again, and clearly is happy to have some familiarity back. He's well enough to gossip with Hamid about the relationships between all the crew members. When the body swaps happen, he's fairly amused, and has definitely cheered up (as Zolf so blatantly told him).


He's Fine.


Wilde is an extremely handsome human man, with a strong chin and big floppy hair. He's not particularly well-built. He has a "big bright salesman smile."

When the party first encounters Wilde in episode 25, he is wearing an incredibly ostentatious set of clothes: a bright peacock-patterned waistcoat; a large, well-cut scarlet suit with big French cuffs and scarlet trousers; and bright red shoes with yellow socks. He pulls it off only because of his charisma.

In episode 60, Wilde is wearing some subtle concealer (which is running in the rain.)

In episode 81, Sasha first realizes that Wilde is sleep-deprived, but wears makeup to make him seem “fresh as a daisy.” In episode 110, Wilde appears gaunt, “like someone who has been running a multinational corporation on one hour sleep for like a year.” In episode 119, Grizzop and Giffis shave Wilde’s head into “an impromptu crewcut.” In episode 121, he is wearing antimagic shackles on his ankle, and appears significantly better after sleeping.

Coloured digital art of Wilde. He is a white human man with chin-length wavy brown hair, blue-grey eyes with dark circles under them, and a scar that runs vertically along one cheek. He is wearing a black coat with a high collar over a dark three-piece suit with a purple neckpiece and a green floral pin. His hair covers one of his eyes, and he stares directly at the viewer with the other with a slight smirk. Over the black of his coat, it reads: “Wilde’s fine, stop asking.” “Fine” is written in elaborate red cursive, while the other words are in white print.

Wilde, in season 4, bearing a scar. Art by @erebusodora on Twitter. Used with permission.

In episode 128, Wilde is dressed in a “passable peasant’s garb,” with tattered clothing and a rubbishy-looking hat; it’s a pretty good disguise. His face is very stern. In episode 129, it’s revealed that Wilde has a facial scar, which he sometimes gently strokes while thinking. Because of the injury, he’s lost some of the movement in his face, so that his smile is now a “wonky smirk.”

In episode 158, it's revealed that Wilde is still wearing the anti-magic shackles around his feet. They’re not chained, and they’re generally covered by clothes that generally cover them (like bell-bottoms.) When traveling, Wilde is dressed practically, with a backpack and a featherless wide-brimmed hat.

In episode 162, Wilde wears a fur coat made by Hamid, with suggestions from Wilde.


Wilde is a bard with a speciality in illusion magic. He's very skilled at magic for a field operative. Wilde casts the following spells:

  • Prestidigitation, multiple times, usually to clean up his appearance — first cast in episode 39, to dry himself of the water Zolf poured on him.
  • Sending (presumably) to contact Bertie in part 5 of his sidequest.
  • Scrying (in Mr Ceiling's simulation) to find out where the party is.
  • Hold Person (presumably) to stop Hamid from walking away from him in episode 55.
  • Major Image (presumably) to conjure the image of a tank in episode 58 and a dragon and illusion of a ruined building in episode 60.
  • Silent Image (presumably) to conjure a miniaturized image of what Crank's warehouses look like, exploding in episode 108.
  • Endure Elements (presumably) to cope with the heat from the ruined Crank's Factory in episode 110.


Season 1

In episode 25, Wilde breaks into Hamid's flat, helping himself to Hamid's alcohol. Wilde seeks to know more about the Rangers and their adventures, although it seems like he's been following them around for a while. Sasha threatens him, Zolf headbutts him (after Wilde boops Zolf on the nose), and Bertie flirts outrageously with him, setting up a one-on-one "interview."

In episode 34, the Rangers discover that Wilde has written and published a satirical article about him titled "Huffing and Puffing with Bertie MacGuffingham" claiming he was a cuddly soft sensitive man underneath all the gruffness. It includes a picture of Bertie in his underwear, pouting, with a feather boa; people on the street laugh at Bertie because of the article and photo. Bertie is very angry about this, and pledges to murder Wilde, but Zolf thinks it's hilarious.

In episode 39, Wilde arrives at La Triomphe in Paris and asks to meet with the Rangers. Zolf dumps several buckets of water over Wilde, threatening to kill him if he writes another article about them. The two of them almost start to fight, but Wilde explains that Bertie is planning to leave them via train from the central station.

In The Tomb of Hannibal, Wilde calls Bertie back to Paris, informing him that his friends are in danger. He also tells Bertie that he's the Rangers' Meritocratic handler and sends him down to the catacombs with two paladins of Apollo.

In episodes 49 and 50, Wilde appears in Mr Ceiling's simulation, bringing good news and eating cheesecake with Hamid; the Rangers notice something's off partly because Wilde is much more serious than usual.

In episode 53, Wilde meets the Rangers at the police station in a shut-down Paris; he is lounging in a concerned way, like he has the situation under control but wishes he didn't. They report back to him, although they don't tell him that Tesla was involved in the design of the Simulacrum. Wilde gives them a card to prove their connection to the Meritocrats, and asks them to stay at the hotel and await his instruction. He also suggests he might be able to get prosthetics for Zolf.

Season 2

Helps The Rangers escape Paris during the riots using Illusions including a tank, and a dragon.

Sorts through the paperwork found with Mr. Ceiling

Season 3

Meeting with Apophis in Cairo

Arranges the destruction of the above ground section of the Factory

Begins work on the "Kill Switch"

Has malicious magic cast on him

Pre-Season 4

Disappears and becomes his own agent

Gains a scar that permanently damages some of the muscles in the side of his face, creating a lopsided smile.

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