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Prague University floats above Prague city and is home to the staff and students.

There are members of the university that manage teleportation circles to transport people from the city level to the university level, for a price. The university doesn't care much about what goes on in Prague city.

The university council is made up entirely of Harlequins, and they seem to have been responsible for the death of Bolla Smok. The university also safeguards a number of items kept on the down low from the Meritocrats.

Known faculty members:

  • Eldarion (Head of Illusion)
  • Marie Curie (Head of Transmutation)
  • Albert Einstein (Head of Conjuration)
  • Franz Kafka (Head of Necromancy)
  • Sigmund Freud (Head of Enchantment)
  • Elizabeth (Head of Abjuration)
  • Henrietta Codswallop (Head of Divination)