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Prologue Summary[]

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Episode List[]

# Episode Title Summary Season Number
1 Hello! Sasha is chased through the streets of London. Hamid gambles and Zolf hires Bertie to join his mercenary band. The four of them collide in an alleyway where they help defend Sasha from the men chasing her. 1
2 Bertie! Wellington! The party meets Haringay: Zolf's contact in the police force. He asks them to run security at Edison's Mansion, where the inventor is to start an auction for a mysterious item. 2
3 The Simulacrum Arsonists interrupt the auction of The Simulacrum and the party saves the ambassadors whilst Sasha chases down the arsonists. 3
4 Fire and Pianos The party continue to evacuate the diplomats from Edison's burning mansion whilst fighting the arsonists. 4
5 The Naked Arsonist Sasha pursues the Naked Arsonist whilst the rest of the rangers help the diplomats. 5
6 Gazebos, Sleuthing and Hats The party look into the arsonists, finding distinguishing tattoos from Other London. 6
7 Squelch The party head down into the sewers and recover parts of the Simulacrum. 7
8 Londons All the Way Down The party return to Sargent Haringay, explaining what they've found. He insists that he needs to know what happened to the whole thing. 8
9 Other London The party head down to Other London to find out who supplied the equipment to the arsonists, and Sasha comes face to face with Ashen. 9
10 Eels and Dogs and Acid, Oh My! The party fight Ashen and his goons. 10
11 The Rackets The party meets Barret Racket: Sasha's uncle and the leader of the Racket's underground Other London gang. 11
12 Keeeeeesh The party head further into Other London and help Gragg invent Eel Keesh. The next day, they approach the compound where the arsonists are hiding. 12
13 Ghost Ambush Bertie is a human statue. The Rangers manage to fool the guards outside the complex which contains the arsonists. 13
14 Knock Knock... The party sneak into the complex containing the arsonists, and manage to incapacitate or kill them as their leader, Guy, arrives. 14
15 BOOM! Guy is pinned and Zolf triggers an explosion. Sasha pursues the final remaining arsonist, who gives her the location of the notebook. Sasha triggers a huge trap in an adjacent building. 15
16 Collateral Damage The party recover from the trap before returning to Upper London. They take Guy to Haringay, revealing his true identity... 16
17 Good Cop, Bad Cop, Stabby Cop and Bertie The Rangers discover that Guy is Byron's sister. They then meet Lady Starling, the new head of the Meritocratic forces, who asks them to look into who built the Simulacrum. 17