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The party fight Ashen and his goons.


The party ambush a group of men and dogs who attack them. Hamid tries to attack one of the dogs, but ends up retreating to stand with Zolf and Bertie as they try to regroup. Ashen, the leader of the men, gets into a duel with Sasha. Zolf, Bertie, and Hamid struggle through the fight; after a number of attacks, Bertie is knocked unconscious. Sasha tells Hamid to cover his eyes and ears; he relays the message to Zolf, and both of them do as Sasha throws a thunderstone at the men attacking them. The air explodes around then, affecting two of the men who are attacking, along with one of the dogs. Zolf does a poor job and loses his hearing a bit, having been affected by the thunderstone.

Bertie manages to stabilise while everyone else is fighting. In the meantime, Ashen realises that the fight isn’t going well, even with Bertie down, and he disappears. Sasha watches him vault into a tent and vanishes. She chases him into the tent, and realises that it’s a front - selling oil flasks, although Sasha cannot tell what oil is being sold exactly. She considers throwing a thunderstone into the shop in order to attack him, but instead throws a dagger at him.


Bryn: "When I'm a dragon I'm gonna come back and burn this whole place to the ground."
Lydia: "Hey, it's my home!"
―Hamid is having a bad day in Other London.

Dice rolls and Mechanics[]

  • Sasha makes a Perception check to see what the stall was selling: 14

Combat Breakdown[]

Initiative: Hamid (21), dog 1, Zolf (18), mugger 1, Bertie (10), Ashen, mugger 2, mugger 3, Sasha (nat 1)

Round 1

  • Hamid: Fires his crossbow at the nearest dog, over the counter, but misses on a 9. He retreats back to stand between Bertie and Zolf.
  • Dog 1: Holds its action.
  • Zolf: Tosses the eel bun at the dog that Hamid shot the crossbow at, trying to distract the dogs. He rolls a 3 and doesn’t get it very far. He gets his shield out and turns to face the guy on his left.
  • Mugger 1: Runs toward Bertie, and attacks with a short sword. He misses on a 2.
  • Bertie: Attacks mugger 1 and hits on a 16, dealing 12 damage. 
  • Ashen: Turns to face Sasha and attacks, but misses on a 3.
  • Mugger 2: Moves up to face Bertie.
  • Dog 1: Inserts its action and moves up with him. 
  • Mugger 3: Moves up to the party.
  • Dog 2: Moves up with mugger 3.
  • Sasha: Attacks Ashen twice. She rolls an 11 and 17 to hit, but only hits on the second, dealing 1 damage.

Round 2

  • Hamid: Steps between Zolf and Bertie and casts magic missile at Ashen, dealing 3 damage. He reloads his crossbow. 
  • Zolf: Readies his action to stab the first enemy that enters his threat range (10ft surrounding him), and then shouts that they can work it out.
  • Mugger 2: Moves to just outside Zolf’s threat range and pulls something from under his cloak, throwing it into the middle of the three of them, aiming at Hamid. It hits on an 18, dealing 6 acid damage to all of them. 
  • Dog 1: Gets distracted by the eel in a bun, failing its Will save.
  • Bertie: Attacks mugger 1 again but misses on a 12. 
  • Ashen: Attacks Sasha again, dealing 3 damage. 
  • Mugger 3: Enters Zolf’s range, and his readied action goes off. Zolf stabs at him with the trident, but misses with a 2. The mugger attacks Bertie, but misses. 
  • Sasha: Takes a step back and throws a fire vial at Ashen. She misses on a 5, throwing it into the eel stand.

Round 3

  • Hamid: Takes a 5-ft step backwards and drinks a potion of cure light wounds, healing himself for 3 hit points.
  • Zolf: Jabs his trident at the enemy in his range, but misses on a 13. 
  • Mugger 1: Attacks Bertie but misses.
  • Bertie: Attacks mugger 1 again, hitting on an 18 and dealing 7 damage. He falls unconscious. 
  • Ashen: Starts heading around the market stall. 
  • Mugger 2: Readies an action.
  • Dog 1: Loops around behind Bertie and attacks him but misses on a nat 1.
  • Mugger 2: His readied action goes of and he also attacks, and rolls a nat 20 but doesn’t confirm the crit. He deals 7 damage to Bertie, and Bertie is down to 0 hit points and falls unconscious.
  • Mugger 3: Attacks Zolf but misses.
  • Dog 2: Moves around Zolf and provokes an attack of opportunity. Zolf hits on a 19, dealing 6 damage. The dog attacks Zolf but misses. 
  • Sasha: Messages Hamid, telling him to cover his eyes and ears and he relays the message to Zolf. She throws a thunderstone into the middle, rolling a 5 on the throw. There is a loud explosion and Hamid and Zolf each make a Fortitude save, 14 and 7 respectively. Zolf is defeaned. Both of the men are affected, and one of the dogs.

Round 4

  • Hamid: Goes back-to-back with Zolf, screams, and attempts to shoot the guy in front of him. He hits on an 18 and deals 1 damage. 
  • Zolf: Attacks one of the muggers but misses on a 13. 
  • Mugger 2: Takes a 5ft step back. 
  • Bertie: Makes a death save, and stabilises on a 16.
  • Ashen: Vaults into a tent and out of sight. 
  • Dog 1: Flees.
  • Mugger 3: Attacks Zolf, but misses. 
  • Dog 2: Backs up to its owner. 
  • Sasha: Runs to the tent and throws a dagger at Ashen, but misses on a 5.

Plot Notes[]