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The party sneak into The Serpentines's complex and manage to incapacitate or kill them, as their leader, Guy, arrives.


The party finish discussing their plan for how to storm the compound. Sasha is still very excited about her daggers, and Bertie comes over from playing with the dog. Bertie asks about what traps may be in the building, and Hamid and Sasha fill him in on how the interrogation went. They discuss which entrance they should go in; some of them think the front gate would be a better option, and some want to go in the back. It would be difficult for Zolf and Bertie to be quiet enough to sneak up there, so they think Sasha should go in first and disable the traps.

Bored of the conversation, Bertie heads off towards the compound. They try to get him to stop, but Hamid just follows after him; Sasha gives Zolf a look, and then they both follow as well. Sasha overtakes them before long, and Hamid tells Bertie to wait just outside the front gate. The party press themselves up against the wall, and Sasha heads off to check for traps and disable them. She opens the door to the outer gate, using the key from the guard, and then beckons the rest of the party over to the gate. They all take a moment to look through the gate and check; there are three building that they can see. One is a longer building, a wooden hut built on stilts; it seems to be well made. The other building used to be two stories, and seems to be a church, with the third building next to it being a vicarage - the vicarage itself is in disrepair. Zolf suggests that Bertie could make a storm up of hacking the hut down, and they could use that as a distraction; Hamid suggests rushing them instead, after Sasha climbs up to the roof and throws the thunderstone.

Sasha heads off to finish her part of the plan, and moves very carefully as she skirts along the wall. On the way, she looks into the vicarage which contains stockpiled stuff. She approaches the church door, and attempts to disable a trap under the steps outside the church. Instead, she activates it, cracking a Thunderstone which alerts those inside the complex. Zolf shouts for her to throw the bomb and Sasha does, throwing her own thunderstone into the church, deafening everyone inside. The windows blow out, sending glass everywhere.

The party enter the church as the three individuals involved in the Edison Mansion bombing scramble to defend themselves. Sasha climbs up to the first floor; it’s very ramshackle, and there is a a small cooking fire, a few bunk beds, and chairs on the floor. She spots one of the men running down the stairs while the other two are stunned. All of them are from the Edison fire, and one is a face that she also recognises from Other London. Guy is strangely well-dressed, although not completely posh. They have long, brunette hair, and a goatee. One of the guys Sasha recognises as the one she had chased through the basement. She alerts the party to their movement, and Bertie barges through the door on the ground floor. He opens it easily, and he and Hamid go into the building. Zolf follows behind, moving more slowly, and a brief scuffle breaks out. One of the guys makes it down to the bottom of the stairs, and draws a flash. Sasha trips Guy down the stairs, where he lands prone. Hamid gets stabbed by one of the men and can’t get a spell off; Bertie, meanwhile, bisects the one who stabbed him, which causes Hamid to vomit.


Sasha: "I’ve got 14 daggers, can you see? I’ve got 14! 14 daggers. Oh…are you guys still?"
Zolf: "No, I think that’s resolved, right? We’re good? We’re agreed?"
Hamid: "Yeah, for now. I guess."
Sasha: "Do you want a dagger?"
―Sasha offers daggers to the others.

Dice rolls and Mechanics[]

Levelling up[]

  • Bertie's base attack bonus and Fortitude save increase by one. He takes the feat Weapon Focus (bastard sword) which gives him +1 on all attacks with a bastard sword. He also has +1 bonus on Will saves against fear from the bravery class ability.
  • Hamid's base attack bonus and Will save increase by one. He learns the spell read magic.
  • Zolf's base attack bonus, Fortitude save, and Will save increase by one. He  gains one new 0th and 1st level spell slot per day.
  • Sasha's base attack bonus and Reflex save increase by one. She takes the rogue talent bomber, she can make 3 bombs per day which deal damage equal to her sneak attack. She also gains the class ability evasion. Whenever she makes a successful Reflex save against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage.


  • Sasha makes a Perception check to detect traps on the front door: 12
  • Everyone makes a Perception check peering around the gate: Sasha gets 20, Hamid gets 18, Bertie gets 5, Zolf gets 18, Brutor gets 2
  • Sasha rolls to get to the front of the church: 15
  • Sasha makes a Perception check to see if the church doors are trapped: 16
  • Sasha makes a Disable Device check on the door: 11
  • Sasha throws a thunderstone inside the church window: 19

Combat Breakdown[]

Initiative: Serpentine 1, Sasha, Hamid, Serpentine 2, Guy, Bertie, Brutor (nat 1), Zolf (nat 1). 

Round 1

  • Serpentine 1: Someone in the church moves.
  • Sasha: Climbs into the church, rolling a 23 on her Climb check, drawing a vial of fire. She sees a ramshackle first floor with two men stunned and another heading down some stairs.
  • Hamid: Draws his crossbow then readies an action to rush into the building when the door is opened by a party member.
  • Serpentine 2: Runs into the same stairway as the first one.
  • Guy: The well dressed man darts to the same stairway, Sasha recognises all three of the men from Edison's house. She has also seen the third around Other London but is not familiar with him. Sasha yells that they're on their way.
  • Bertie: Charges through the door, power attacking the door. He rolls a 17 to hit and deals 12 damage.
  • Hamid: Hamid's readied action goes off and he moves through the door behind Bertie.
  • Brutor: Barks.
  • Zolf: Moves toward the church entrance.

Round 2

  • Serpentine 1: Charges Bertie with a short sword. He rolls a 19 to hit but doesn't confirm the critical, dealing 1 damage. 
  • Sasha: Climbs in through the window and positions herself behind Guy.
  • Hamid: Lets go of his crossbow so it drops to his side, casting magic missile, but he fails on his concentration check to not provoke an attack of opportunity with a nat 1. The man nearest to him makes an attack of opportunity and hits, dealing 5 damage. He makes another concentration check to get the spell off, and fails with a 7. 
  • Serpentine 2: Enters the ground floor via the staircase and draws a flask.
  • Guy: Heads down the stairs, but Sasha interrupts him, taking an attack of opportunity. She hits on a 19, and confirms the crit with a nat 20, dealing 9 damage. This causes him to fall down the stairs, and he lands prone.
  • Bertie: Power attacks the man who struck Hamid, rolling a nat 20 on the hit and confirming the crit with another 20. He deals 27 damage, bisecting the man.
  • Hamid: Vomits. 

Plot Notes[]