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Digital art of Hamid and the rest of the kobolds speaking about Meerk over dinner. Hamid is a halfling with dark curly hair, and he is holding a mug as he smiles at three other kobolds, all of whom have horns and big fuzzy coats on, all laughing. Two speech bubbles rise above them, one of Meerk holding drumsticks and another of a single fang (referencing Hide the Fang).

Hamid and the kobolds speak about Meerk. Art by @prim-moth on Tumblr. Used with permission.

Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they recuperate and explore their new surroundings. This week Cel receives a hug, Hamid and the kobolds reminisce, Azu goes for a walk, and Zolf talks things over with Wilde.

Digital art of Zolf patting Wilde's hand. Zolf is a dwarven man with a fuzzy coat and a beard, and he is awkwardly patting Wilde's hand. Wilde is a tall human, who is giving Zolf a knowing smile.

Zolf pats Wilde's hand. Art by @prim-moth on Tumblr. Used with permission.


Digital art of Azu asking Kiko out. Azu is a tall Black orc woman wearing a fluffy coat, and she is blushing and looking to the right with her hand over her mouth as she says "So, um, would you like to be my girlfriend properly, like, officially, like, you know". Kiko is a human woman with her hair in a bun, also wearing a coat, and she's blushing and looking at Azu with a fond smile on her face.

Azu asks Kiko out officially. Art by @prim-moth on Tumblr. Used with permission.

The party retires to a communal bunkhouse in the town to sleep and all sleep deep, dreamless sleeps. Zolf, however, stays awake by Wilde' bed, reading 'When Passions Collide' by Harrison Cambell. Just before dawn, Wilde stirs and wakes gently, and greets Zolf, who asks if he remembers what has happened to him. Wilde doesn't remember much. Zolf suggests that they leave the bunkhouse to talk privately, congratulating him on his new white hair and handing him a mirror. Wilde's facial scar also appears to have gone during the resurrection ritual. On the way out of the bunkhouse, Wilde puts his arm around Zolf's shoulder in an uncharacteristically sincere gesture. Zolf tells Wilde that he died, and Wilde agrees that that makes sense with his experience. Zolf also informs him that they are now on the back of a giant bear, to which Wilde smiles, and that the inhabitants of the bear facilitated a resurrection ritual in which Zolf talked to Wilde's spirit. Wilde asks what he said to Zolf during the ritual, to which Zolf replies that Wilde was annoying, manipulative and forgetful... but also that the reason Wilde agreed to return to life was because Zolf had told him that he needed Wilde. Wild says that makes sense and Zolf replies that it's still true now. Wilde lays his hand by Zolf's, and Zolf reciprocates in his own way by patting Wilde's hand awkwardly.

Digital lineart of Zolf Smith, a dwarven man, patting Oscar Wilde, a human man's, hand. Wilde, who has shoulder-length hair and is wearing a long sleeved shirt, is sitting up in a bed. Zolf, who has short hair, a long-sleeved shirt on, and two metallic prosthetic legs, is patting his hand and saying "hey".

Zolf pats Wilde's hand. Art by @bagelwhalee on Twitter. Used with permission.

Zolf also mentions to Wilde that Meerk didn't return to life, although Wilde, phasing out, appears to already know this. Wilde suggests they go back to the bunkhouse, as he seems to already know that Carter will be waking up shortly, and also seems to understand why Carter's demeanour has become more mellow. Zolf mentions to him that Carter and Sassraa were also resurrected and suggests the three of them have a chat. Wilde tells Zolf, before they head back inside, that it's an odd experience, not remembering their conversation during the ritual, but that he remembers what the conversation meant and how it fits into the bigger picture. Zolf, awkwardly tells Wilde to take his time and that he doesn't expect him to have an answer (presumably about their new relationship). As they head back to the bunkhouse, Wilde looks down at himself and casts prestidigitation, becoming instantly spotless and well-kempt. This is the first time Wilde has been able to cast magic in nearly two years, and Zolf, behind him, grins widely. Wilde, without turning around, affectionately tells Zolf to wipe that grin off his face.

Back at the bunkhouse, Sassraa also wakes, and speaks with Skraak, before going over to Cel and giving them a big hug; Cel reciprocates.

Digital lineart of Cel hugging Sassraa. Cel is a tall, pale half-elf, wearing an overlarge coat. Sassraa has hopped up into their arms, also in a coat, and the two are hugging as Cel says "Oh hey buddy".

Cel and Sassraa share a hug. Art by @bagelwhalee on Twitter. Used with permission.

The whole party regroups for breakfast (blood puddings, raw vegetables, similar food culture to the Americas despite different ingredients); Hamid, upon seeing Wilde come in, runs up to him and jumps up to give him a massive hug; Wilde hugs back and doesn't make any puns, and is wearing slightly less loud clothes than usual. At breakfast, the kobold group are participating with the rest of the party, and Azu, sitting by Kiko, asks her if she wants to go for a walk together around the town.

Digital art of Zolf and Wilde. Both Zolf and Wilde are depicted in shades of blue and purple against a solid white background. Wilde, covering about half of the image and very close to the viewpoint, is shown from the collarbones up. He is a human man with chin-length white hair, matching white eyebrows, and a contended expression. His eyes are closed, and he is grinning. There is a faint blush drawn under his eyes and on his nose. He is wearing several layers of baggy clothing that go all the way up to his chin. Zolf, stood a short distance behind Wilde, is also smiling and blushing. Zolf is a pale dwarf with spiky white hair shaved on the sides and a white beard gathered into a circlet. He is wearing a parka with fur around the collar. Covered by Wilde, Zolf is shown from about the waist up.

Zolf smiles at Wilde's returned spellcasting. Art by @emperiocism on twitter. Used with permission.

On their walk, Azu starts by talking with Kiko about death and how it can come at any time. She's flustered, tells Kiko she likes her a lot, and asks Kiko if she likes her. Kiko kisses her in response. Seeing Azu is flustered, Kiko suggests they go somewhere to talk. They then go to a 'park' (potted plants because bear) and Azu asks Kiko if she would like to be Azu's official girlfriend. Kiko replies that she would. Azu remarks that one time she didn't check and it ended badly, and that she now is trying to say the things she means when they need saying. Kiko suggests they have a date, and asks Azu to close her eyes. Azu does so, and Kiko walks away, returning and asking Azu to turn around. Kiko has set up a pot of flowers and a chess set on the park table.

Coloured digital fan art of Kiko and Azu. Kiko is a Japanese woman with short black hair, wearing a baggy blue jacket, baggy grey pants, and brown wrist warmers and boots. Azu is a bald Kenyan woman with ear piercings, a scar through one eyebrow, and a chipped tusk. She wears a long furry pink coat, red pants, tall brown boots, and light pink mitts. Kiko and Azu are smiling at each other. Azu holds a bag of marbles while other marbles surround them. The background is solid grey.

Azu and Kiko play marbles. Art by Faye. Used with permission.

Digital art of Azu, a black orc woman in a pink fuzzy coat, and Kiko, a pale human woman in a gray fuzzy coat, kissing. Kiko has medium-length dark hair, and her arms are wrapped around Azu's neck. Azu's eyes are half-open as she kisses Kiko, hands on her hips.

Kiko and Azu kissing on their date. Art by hobbitgeiszler on Twitter. Used with permission.

Back at breakfast, Cel turns to Barnes, asking him how he feels to be back in his own body, adding that it suits him! Barnes is flustered, manages to obliquely return the compliment and Cel also comments on all the different mutagenic bodies they can inhabit, that let them fly and breathe underwater. Barnes remarks that they should teach him to breathe underwater sometime and Cel is enthusiastic. Barnes, still flustered, agrees that they'll go underwater then, to which Cel replies that that's 'one word for it ;)'. It's a date, and everyone at the table notices the conversation and Barnes going to pieces.

Digital art of Cel Sidebottom and James Barnes sitting next to each other. Cel is a pale half-elf with vertical blonde hair, wearing a long-sleeved, half-unbuttoned white shirt and a brown vest. Their chin is resting on their hand as they smirk at Barnes. He is a tan human man with wavy brown hair and freckles, and he's holding a mug and looking at Cel and blushing.

Cel flirts with Barnes. Art by @not-the-kind-you-save on Tumblr. Used with permission.

Hamid, meanwhile, is looking for gossip at the table. He notices that Sassraa, Wilde, and Carter seem to have some sort of subtle telepathy at play; Wilde is also relaxed, acting up less, fitting into the group and not drawing attention. Zolf also appears to be much more relaxed than usual and the happiest Hamid has seen him.

Digital art of Zolf Smith looking at Oscar Wilde. Zolf is a pale dwarven man with short white hair and a white beard. His chin rests on his hand as he gives Oscar Wilde a concerned look. Wile is a tall human with shoulder-length white hair, and he is sipping from a mug and wearing a brown scarf and a reddish shirt.

Zolf looks at Wilde. Art by @not-the-kind-you-save on Tumblr. Used with permission.

[At this point there is an out of character discussion about the nature of Zolf and Wilde's relationship. Alex says that Wilde does not know if they are a 'couple', Ben says that both he (Ben), and Zolf, are oscillating between seeing Wilde as a romantic vs. a platonic life partner, and Zolf also does not know at this point what exactly the relationship is. However, he knows that there is a deep and meaningful connection between them. Alex explains further that due to the improv nature of the podcast, both he and Ben are discovering the relationship in real-time, and that it was not planned or scripted.]

Hamid, meanwhile is sitting with the kobold group, chatting with them in a much more relaxed way than had previously been possible. He talks with them about his cold-weather tailoring. He notices that Wilde, Carter and Sassraa are not wearing warm clothes despite the temperature. Skraak also goes over to Zolf and apologises for his outburst yesterday after the ritual. The conversation turns to reminiscing about Meerk's hijinks (e.g. hiding The Fang in the engine or over the side of the ship). Zolf also starts talks with Wilde and Earhart about fixing up the ship and the resources and assistance they will need.

During Azu and Kiko's chess game, Azu wins the first round, and Kiko, competitive and slightly miffed, really goes for it in the second game and beats Azu. They then while away some time cloudspotting, and notice that the cloud cover above the bear is much fainter, and the weather better, than elsewhere. They also go shopping, although find that the culture is one of gifting and soft barter rather than currency. Azu does trade some marbles for goods, and ends up teaching various townsfolk how to play marbles.

Digital art of Azu, a black orc woman in a pink fuzzy coat, and Kiko, a pale human woman in a dark coat, walking hand-in-hand. Kiko is blushing, a hand near her mouth, as he looks up at Azu. Azu is laughing at something, also blushing, with her hand rubbing the back of her head.

Kiko and Azu head off for their date. Art by @raspberryheaven on Twitter. Used with permission.

Digital art of Azu and Kiko on their date. Azu, a tall Black orc woman wearing a pink fuzzy coat, is smiling across a chessboard at Kiko, a pale human woman with brown hair tied up in a bun over their undercut. They are both holding hands, and Kiko is blushing.

Kiko and Azu share a tender moment. Art by @DevilCerulean on Twitter. Used with permission.

Later that evening, during the meal, Sohra approaches and asks if everyone is doing OK, before inviting the party to a council the following day. Sohra also asks if Azu has any further marbles that she can give to her daughter. Azu gives sohra the marbles, and also asks them if she can come back to the bear when the quest is over to learn better healing techniques.

The following morning, post-breakfast, Sohra leads the party to the council chamber in the twon centre. The chamber is a conical building of tarred wood, and stands in the centre of the square. It has a ceremonial feel, with furs in front of the doorway and iconography of a bear in various poses or actions on the building's exterior. There are steps downward, to a room directly upon the bears back (the fur has been trimmed down, and the warmth is tangible). Four people sit in the room, wearing feather cloaks. Three of them are very elderly, and one is very young- 16 or 17; Sohra is middle-aged. Sohra starts the meeting, and the youngest representative stands to speak.


Zolf: "You... said that the reason you came back was because I needed you"
Wilde: "Yeah, that makes sense."
Zolf: "Well it's still true, so... y'know, that... that is a thing that exists.. and... yes"
Wilde: (Wilde lays his hand next to Zolf's and Zolf pats his hand awkwardly.) "Yeah, we got this, we've got this, we got this"
―Zolf and Wilde speak with sincerity after Wilde's resurrection.

Azu: "OK. Do you want to be my girlfriend, like properly, like officially, like a ... you know"
Kiko: (laughing) "Yes. I would like to be your girlfriend, proper, officially like, you know"
―Azu asks Kiko out.

Cel: "How does it feel to be back in your body then? It suits you ;)"
Barnes: "Yeah, er, oh yea, no, erm, thank you, I hope, y- y- y'kn- glad you're in your body t- well, you didn't lea- er-"
Cel: "No, But I could be in a different one, like, you know, wings, and so on-"
Barnes: "No! No, you wouldn't want to! Why would you want to? Well, er, but-"
Cel: "What?! I mean, I do it quite a lot. Flying is great, I really recommend it, as is breathing underwater!"
Barnes: (overlapping)You should teach me sometime!
Cel: (overlapping) "I would totally be up for that, yes, sure"
Barnes: (overlapping) "yeah, er, underwater'd be... so we'll go underwater then?"
Cel: "Yes, that's one word for it, yep!"
―Cel propositions Barnes.

Dice rolls & mechanics[]

  • Will saves to avoid nightmares: 15 (Hamid), 13 (Cel), 22 (Azu)
  • Azu succeeds at a Intelligence check to beat Kiko at chess: 14
  • Azu succeeds at a Sense Motive check to tell that Kiko is a little miffed at losing: 24
  • Azu succeeds at a Perception check to notice the strange weather on the bear. 22

Plot Notes[]